The NES Switch Controllers Will Only Be Available To Switch Online Subscribers

Nintendo detailed some of the special offers for Switch Online subscribers it teased in the Direct yesterday.

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FallenAngel1984665d ago

It can’t be used for other non NES games can it?

Personally I’d rather save my money on SNES controllers if they make them

Moonman665d ago

It probably can be used for other non NES games on Switch as it will be added to a firmware update. So they might even work with any Switch games in theory... it's just certain advanced control options won't work if they don't have a button for them. They added L and R buttons on top of the NES pad so that tells me they were thinking of other games instead of just NES games which never needed L and R. The rumor is multiple classic controllers are being added in the new firmware. :)

Moonman665d ago

So where do you buy them and how is this regulated?? Do you buy them only through Nintendo eshop? Shipped from Nintendo?

franwex665d ago

Wait this is kinda nebulous. So one can only buy one of these controllers if they have an online account. Some how they check and it's the only way to acquire the device.

But do they physically still work if one was to cancel the subscription, or no? Because if not, it will be one of the biggest paywall schemes ever!!

Gemmol665d ago

It still works, u can buy a month pass get the controller and never renew

badz149664d ago

MS put F2P games behind paywall. While at Nintendo, "hold my sake (drink)...let's put a 30yo controller behind a paywall!"

Concertoine665d ago

Only with Nintendo do you need to pay to have the privilege to buy 30 year old controllers for 60 dollars.

lociefer665d ago

Nintendo is nintendoing hard these days

Seraphim665d ago

talk about milking the cow. I will admit though. the fact that they're exclusive is kind of nice. I mean it's not like availability is going to be an issue because scalpers bought them all up. I don't like how it's set up to prevent this alone it's probably worth going the route Nintendo chose to. 30+ year old controllers w/ a Switch Rail and LiOn battery are $30 each though? Makes me reconsider and just keep hooking up the NES when the mood strikes.

Gh05t665d ago

That moment you realize the NES classic cost the same amount as just these controllers.

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The story is too old to be commented.