Why The PS4 Is The Best Console Of This Generation

Jett from PSG wrote: "Throughout the earliest memories of time, mankind has always tried to be the best at everything it could be proud of, whether it be through one aspect, or many, or all of them. History has recorded this time and time again, but recently mankind has created a new kind of war, much like how kings and emperors send their champions to represent their land against other lands, the people are the new rulers and their champions are their handpicked devices. The tools themselves have been redefined and have evolved from sharp pointy objects to living, breathing engines of raw power. And now we take a look at one of the newest kinds of wars of mankind, the console wars, and why the PS4 is the greatest among the few available champions of this generation."

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Babadook736d ago

Took the word right out of my mouth.

BiggerBoss36d ago

Best games= Best console.

That's all there is to it.

SuperSonic9136d ago (Edited 36d ago )


InputTranslation35d ago

Keep on flowing games. Did you run adjectives? Lol

nucky6435d ago

perfectly said, sampsonon.

SublimeStylee236d ago

Yup big shocker here. Development of games for the hardware, who would of thought that people who buy gaming consoles want actual games to play.

PiNkFaIrYbOi35d ago

Microsoft doesn't believe that.

darthv7236d ago

It's got the three P's.

Price, Power and Plethora of amazing games.

xRacer74x36d ago

Where is the power. my Pro can play games at 1440p and my x plays the same games with better graphics at a higher frame rate and at 4k.

Stanjara36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It's the same games that can play, but it can't play those other games...the good ones.

SpaceRanger36d ago

Considering most of us play games on 1080p TVs anything above 1080p is a no brained.

No one should be playing games at 720p this gen on home console level products.

AspiringProGenji36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

“Higher frame rate”

SublimeStylee236d ago

Then play the X. What is the problem here?

crazyCoconuts36d ago

Not that it matters but if we're going to generalize PS4 vs. Xbox it should be base models as most people have those. The pro and x are a minority of the install base

trooper_36d ago

Does your X have real exclusives?

darthv7236d ago

speaking only for myself, I have the base models of both and in that situation the base PS4 is more powerful than the xbo.

mkis00736d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Ya but your missing price and the plethora of amazing games you can only play there. Also if power is the concern playstation 4 base is more powerful than xbox one base.

Playstation has all 3. A great price, power enough to not miss out on 3rd parties, and a large quantity of the highest rated games you can only play on ps4.

And your pro can play games at whatever resolution a dev programs the game to run at. Just like the X can run at 4k but doesnt always.

Abnor_Mal36d ago

Not ALL the same games, definitely some exceptions. Not even the almighty X can play every game a PS4 can play.

Dark_Knightmare236d ago

Pro can play games in 4k,1800p,2160p checkerboard but nice try. It also has the best looking games that can’t be played elsewhere like gow,Uc 4,Detroit,horizon zero dawn etc.

DarXyde36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I want examples. I'm genuinely curious to know because I think you're spreading misinformation:

Please name Xbox One X games that run at 4K AND higher frame rate.

Last I heard, it was one or the other, never both. Please share. I might learn something today.

Shineon35d ago

I sold my pro because It didn't stand out much from Ps4 base to me and I played on Sony bravia 4k she set. Horizon zero dawn is the best game I played so far this year on pro

TKCMuzzer35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Well, the X can't play Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, God Of War, Uncharted 4, Uncharted Collection and so at a higher frame rate or at a higher resolution and thats the point. Some of the best looking games are on the PS4/Pro.

It's no use having the fastest car in the race unless you have someone who can drive it round the corners.

UltraNova35d ago

The Pro was in our living room a whole year earlier...its not rocket science.

Now games like U4, Horizon, GOW etc looking light years better than anything on the X IS rocket science!

SixFragz35d ago

Lol, you don't have a Pro. Nice attempt at trying to sound unbiased, it's clear as day that you're an Xboner droid. Enjoy your graphics on all of your backward compatible games, and on nothing that's a truly next gen title.

Ceaser985736135d ago

when your power box can play the new Spiderman game then we will talk.. lol! And All games don't run at 4k on Xbox x. Frame rates are same on both the Console.. 30fps...

bluefox75535d ago

Which games on X look as good as God of War or HZD? I'll wait.

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zackeroniii35d ago

You forgot the obvious....Playstation!

Artemidorus36d ago

It was the better alternative and they provided decent content with it.

Microsoft tried different methods and confused some

Nintendo provided a different direction which again you either like or hate.

CarlDechance36d ago

Sony provided exceptional content

Hardiman35d ago

Not sure decent is the right adjective you are looking for. Maybe try phenomenal!

Artemidorus35d ago

But I'm not a deleuded fanboy so I will remain honest and fair.

CarlDechance35d ago

"I will remain honest and fair"


Hardiman35d ago

Got nothing to do with "fan boy" but more with recognizing excellence!

SublimeStylee235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

So....ur saying

Sony="better-content "
Microsoft= "tried-confused"
Nintendo="direction-like or hate"