Video Games Aren't Realistic, So Stop Expecting Them to Be

Does it really matter that Lara Croft's guns still work after being submerged in water? Of course not, so why raise it as an issue?

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marioJP87127d ago

"Video games aren't realistic"

Let me introduce you to Uncharted 4

Outlawzz127d ago

Lol yes I often must switch between a pistol, sniper rifle and a bazooka in the blink of an eye. Works flawlessly Everytime I need to attack my neighbors.

mikeslemonade127d ago

The specs of the gaming platforms haven't been powerful enough to make games that realistic. Although we have many realistic games already just that we are always trying to make it more realistic.

Lon3wolf127d ago

Let me introduce you to the door.

SuperSonic91127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I think SOTTR is a very gorgeous game esp the underwater levels.
The problem is the double standards and cirporate agendas of corporate reviewers.

I wish numbered review scores go away and never comeback. They are really unreliable compared to the body of the review or critique.

Opinions are opinions not standards.

Try adding scores and ratings together.
Like 95 Everyone or 95 Mature.
That is fair and categorized properly.

Tross127d ago

It depends on the game, the realism the devs are going for, and many other factors. Yes, there are many instances where "videogame logic" is not only necessary, but the absence of which could render the game impossible, but there are also many instances where close attention is paid to things like physics and what would realistically happen in a situation that crops up in the game. There's no one-size fits all approach to game mechanics or the logic behind certain elements. Realism is neither something that should be 100% adhered to, nor something that should be written off entirely.

optimus127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

it was an article nit picking realism that prompted the writer to come up with this one. i find that hard to believe seeing as how there's about some level of unrealistic things happening in all videogames.... i suppose building a fort out of thin air while shooting a horde of people with impractical weapons in Fornite is very realistic. (rolls eyes)