Right Now, Black Ops 4's Blackout Is Just Another Generic Battle Royale

With Treyarch making the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta live this week, I dived in to check out the latest addition to the genre, and I wasn't all that impressed.

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alexgibson34d ago

I haven't played the mode so I can't really weigh in here, but I was surprised to read about how bland you felt it was. From what I've seen, it looks engaging. Whether or not it could topple Fortnite or even last in the long term remains to be seen. I'm willing to give it a shot, but I am in the mood for a military-sim.

Prince-Ali33d ago

it wont topple fortnite.. simple as.

MonsterChef33d ago

I don't understand the hate for battleroyal type games, to me they are just a game type like the way capture the flag is or team death match, and if COD feels like a generic battle Royal game then that's the result of it having generic mechanics across the board..

atomaweapon33d ago

to be fair the article seems fair. im personally interested in the game, but it really seems kinda bare.

Smok9133d ago

They addressed this in a sense that the focus is more on gun game. Not searching for shit.

Lennoxb6333d ago

There's hate for anything competitive recently because SP gamers are paranoid in thinking that SP games are going away. So they'll attack anything MP focused.

AspiringProGenji33d ago

Not really. It’s more like how every game wants to be fortnite. This is not just SP gamers but fans of Battlefield and so on, and soon any fan of other game that wants to shoehorn Battle Royale

Veneno33d ago

The hope was that Blackout would be something truly different. But instead they played it way too safe to the point of just being another clone and undistinguished. I had high hopes for it but naw not impressed by it.

MaximusTKG33d ago (Edited 33d ago )


I must ask if you played it? Because anonymity of the internet makes me wary that you didnt, and you put words together to make them sound good.

Personally I have always been fairly adept at first person shooters, so to have that in a BR makes me happy enough, and it feels like call of duty with some skill (somewhat) required. And I dont have to worry about building crap all the time. That said I did run a match where I saw no one until there were 16 people left. It made for a pretty boring match.

KillBill33d ago


"...they played it way too safe to the point of just being another clone and undistinguished." you either didn't play Blackout or you didn't play any other BR games? Because blackout, other than the premise behind the mode, has little in common with the other BR games. First off it is stable, the graphics are great, the gun play is great, it actually feels like the first AAA BR game we have seen. Secondly which BR game have you seen with helicopters... and this BR game has environmental enemies in the form of zombies on top of the shrinking zone, so that is just another BR game??

The truly different in Blackout is the simple fact it is a BR that we all wanted. A BR that is at heart a shooter but doesn't kill you with bad graphics and just poor control and over-all gltch-fest like other BR games.

Veneno32d ago

Okay, boys, now read my comments closely this time instead of just making up your own interpretations.

1. I said I was hoping that Blackout would really standout as a BR experience. I said I was not impressed with what I saw.

2. Now I realize your goal here is to discredit me but you have no grounds and more pathetically no purpose to do so because while no I did not play the beta I did watch it extensively on Twitch and I saw many previews because this was on my list of games to watch out for. This does not change the fact that > I < was not impressed by it. The purpose of having betas and previews is to > impress< potential gamers. Blackout has not impressed me thus far. I am happy to hear you love the game. By all means have fun.

Edito33d ago

It's not hate for battle royale it self it's people and me included hate it because of the potential it has to change the industry as whole and give the big publishers the idea that games as services and multiplayer only games are what we want... But in the end it's not what most gamers want... I think.

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Artemidorus33d ago

It's criminal what they have done, stolen other peoples ideas to the tee and then applied their own skin to it.

I just don't understand why people keep buying this cancerous garbage.

Kabaneri33d ago

Funny how that works, because every shooter was copying the COD formula from 2008-2016.

Artemidorus33d ago

and look what's happening now, they copy others instead.

Vegamyster33d ago


So? Every dev borrows ideas from each other at some point, most of the BR community seems to really like what Treyarch has done to the formula.

Unreal0133d ago

Come on, it's hardly cancerous garbage. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone else has to dislike it, just let people enjoy things please.

SierraGuy33d ago

I wish the guy could write better or take English over again.

"I dived in to check out" in the title. Shouldn't it be "dove"?

Twinfinite fire this guy he sucks and so does his article.🔥

Artemidorus33d ago

I think the game is average but it's wrong they have been using the same game engine from the 90s with the odd upgrade towards it.

It's not intelligent it's lazy and complacent they know by adding bits from other games make it appealing with a known franchise to add.

You will never see true next gen classics in the future with these companies providing garbage like this year after year after year.

TKCMuzzer33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Really? Like every game that has gone before. Battle Royal is just a tweaked version of last man standing which has been around for years, take out starting weapons and chuck you out from above and you have battle royal..
I think if your young you just assume nothing ever happened before you were born.

Blackout is better than fortnite as the FP view makes it more tense as you have to be more aware. More importantly there is no on jumping around firing a sniper rifle which is gaming nonsense.

SixFragz33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

You speak the truth, but there are crusading Call of Dookie droids who have become indoctrinated to think that their beloved, 15 millionth entry in the series is any different than the 14,999,999 games that came before it.

Call of Dookie is the most uninspired, monotonous, mind numbingly unoriginal games that there has been for a very long time now. Every year the devs swear that "this was the Call of Dookie game we've been wanting to make forever." Call of Dookie drones are mindless who can only think in one type of way. They believe anything Activi$ion and the 18 developers of CoD say.

Call of Duty Wack Ops 4 is a bootleg, flea market clone of Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, every BR game, etc.

I have no problem with people who enjoy Call of Dookie, but it's quite disturbing and unsettling to see how perturbed these Call of Dookie drones get when we say the truth about what tripe CoD is.

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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

As a HUGE PUBG & Battlefield Gamer, I have always preferred BF over COD since Bad Company 2, but here we are, almost 10 years later and Im actually excited to play this COD for Blackout! It being a typical BR mode is GREAT, don't try and be too different because that is how you loose interest, don't fix whats not broken. The fact that they are using characters, maps, weapons and gadgets from previous entrees is an awesome idea in my opinion!

Since playing PUBG i have wished for DICE to make a BR mode for Battlefield, they could even take BF4's assets and make a new larger map and it would be perfect, but after seeing what is BFV I have lost interest. I still think BFV looks good and the Beta was fun but believe me when I say that I am more hyped for this than anything else right now. I have been watching Shroud and the Doc play this all week and it looks awesome!

Teflon0233d ago

BFV will have battle Royale. The modes called firestorm in BFV though

Immorals33d ago

I watched a load of footage, but it's just cod on a larger map. Nothing original or any better than what has already been done, just with a huge IP to launch it

HighlyDoubtful33d ago

I was actually shocked that it was so generic. I really thought they'd go big...maybe they will at launch?

TKCMuzzer33d ago

Really, to be fair what else can you do battle royal?

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