Darksiders 3 PS4 Pro Resolution Will Be Below Xbox One X, But It Will Be “Barely Noticeable” - Dev

The upcoming action adventure title aims to look its best on both the enhanced consoles.

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IamTylerDurden159d ago

I love Darksiders, but i'm disappointed they aren't bringing back the loot system from DS2.

Spurg59d ago

It wasn't that great.
Diablo and borderlands really nailed looting but Darksiders didn't really nail it and in all honesty didn't really need it.
Darksiders 1 a simple action adventure and the sequel needlessly added elements not really needed.

IamTylerDurden158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I enjoyed both, but i'd prefer a huge variety of weapons and armor. I love seeing the different armor designs and how they look on your rider. I played DS2 on PS3, but after really getting into the game on PS4 i realized how good it was and how wrong the detractors were. Sure, there were many seemingly useless pieces of loot, but once you figure out the game you realize every item can be utilized to great affect. Possessed weapons. These rare weapons use your spare armor/weapons/loot too increase their stats and potentially add elemental effects.

lxeasy59d ago

Have they announced if Dark Siders 3 will be running 4k on the X yet?

Ultr59d ago

I like the approach though. With every darksiders you know you get darksiders, but still a different game.

Prubar59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Funny looting was one of my lest favourite additions in DS2. I enjoyed playing as War in a character action game like DMC or the original GoW series. I didn’t want an rpg experience.

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Elda59d ago

Barely noticeable with most games compared between the 2.

lxeasy59d ago

Barely noticeable on a couple games but def not most lol

Bruh59d ago

Oh you mean like Wolfenstein 2?
1440p vs 2160p?
Wait probably Shadow of War
1620p vs 2160p?

Whether y'all accept it or not the Xbox One X is much more powerful than the Pro. Shitty optimization doesn't deter that difference

Elda59d ago

Side by side on a 4k tv you can barely notice a difference.

Babadook759d ago

@Bruh. Nice cherry picking. Lol

mkis00758d ago

Numbers are one thing, actually seeing the game is another. In motion it gets harder to see resolution differences the higher you go. I find the power to be wasted on resolution when it could be used for far more noticeable things.

RedDevils58d ago

What a waste of money. So much for that power which is only thing left for Xbox clinging on to.

twiggytree1258d ago

Ya'll couldn't tell a difference between 720p and 1080p, but now that X is on top there's a massive difference! LOL

gapecanpie58d ago

you can tell the difference unless you are blind..... ps4 pro games looks soft and blurry and and a lot of the time the textures look like 1080p textures just up scaled to 4k which make it look even more blurry.... however if you playing on a crappy small 4k TV or 1080p TV then no you can't tell the difference... but if you have an mid range or high end 4k tv then you can clearly see the difference.

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chiefJohn11758d ago (Edited 58d ago )

#SoupGate 😆 DF had me cracking up with that.

sin727959d ago

Another gamingshit pointles artickle!

BenRC0159d ago

Best game I've played this gen? Resi 7 in vr. Think was about 540p.

Einhander197159d ago

Balls to all these loot systems that's what made Darksiders so brilliant, what's with the obsession with loot, crafting, etc. Let's just enjoy a solid action adventure without all the shit.

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