The Narrative Fetch Quest Problem

GameRVW takes a look at the problems with the narrative fetch quest, a commonly used device in both modern and older video games.

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NecrumOddBoy125d ago

I think the fetch quest is played out. I do like when there are subtle fetchy things to entice a player to move towards an area they may have missed something or help add some context to a story, but the over use of "collect 10 XXX and bring them to me." are well past expiration. One of the biggest issues I had with Breath of the Wild is that 95% of the game's quests were fetch quests. "Go find me this..." with about every single NPC you find. Even the Shrines and such were fetch questy with what felt like an iPhone style hook of repeating puzzles for next to no reward worth finding other than heart or stamina upgrades.