Why isn't there a PS4, Xbox and Switch port of Final Fantasy 8? Preservation may be the answer

From VG247: "If there’s one thing that’s true about video game fandom, it’s that they’re never, ever entirely satisfied. Final Fantasy fans had cause to rejoice yesterday as Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10 and 12 were announced as coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in addition to their existing PC and PS4 releases. Quickly, however, a question arose: what about Final Fantasy 8? What did Squall, charismatic moody teenager and one of the series’ best protagonists, do wrong?"

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MaximusPrime_130d ago

Interesting read. I didn't know

NecrumOddBoy130d ago

This may have warranted a full remake or remaster if they are holding out.

129d ago
ZaWarudo130d ago

tldr: Square didn't really archive their games properly during the 90s and they probably don't have the source code.

rainslacker130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

They have a working emulator, and pc versions which could easily be ported. They don't need to reinvent the wheel

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rainslacker129d ago

I'd actually prefer Xenogears. I love the game, but it aged horribly, and while I go back to it now and again, it's really hard to play because the graphics look awful on LED screens and the loading times are a real pain in the ass. There are some things that could be refined in terms of menus and being able to skip over some of the texts and what not.

I wouldn't hold out hope for any of that though. Despite the rather large cult following of it and Xenosaga, neither Square nor Namco seem a bit interested in providing those games with a remaster or re-release in any way, and Nintendo seems fine with the Xenoblade stuff, which is also good, but IMO not a real substitute for the older games.

G3ng4r130d ago

RIP kingdom hearts. D:

Forn130d ago

They have FFVIII available on PS3, so why couldn't they have it on PS4 too?

F0XHOUND130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

The ones on PS3 are just directly emulated PS1 classics. The versions on PS4 are basically ported PC versions with full trophy support and HD menu's amongst other things. I don't think people would be too happy with another emulated PS1 version on PS4 when its already on PS3. Although 8 does have a PC port, but I think it is a pretty shabby version so maybe they aren't interested in using it again.

Razmiran130d ago

But the pc version exists?

SaiyanFury130d ago

The PC version does indeed exist, but it has rubbish MIDI music and sound effects, unlike the digital sounds available on the original PlayStation.

Razmiran130d ago

There is a mod that swaps the soundtrack tho, roses and wines

porkChop130d ago

Not having the source code is a load of crap. They've rereleased it as a PSone Classic on PS3, and rereleased it on Steam. They clearly have the means and ability to release the game on new platforms.

Asuka130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

yup. The steam version currently sits in my Library atm. So idk y SE gotta be a dick with this game recently. But to be fair the steam versions were pretty bad initially, so that may lead some legitimacy as to the lack of original PSOne source code assuming the Steam version were rips of the PC ports done by outsourced studios meaning SE really doesn't have that source code... but still FFVIII (and FFT for that matter) need more love.

ragnalamb130d ago

Ps3 classic was emulated, in fact, the PSP version also ran on the built in emulator. It was the original PS1 game encrypted on a PBP file signed with Sony Keys compatible with both systems (and Vita, also emulated).
As far as I know, steam version is the same as 1997's PC version, just different distribution. Thats why, supposedly, they have the same issues.
I must say, I dont own PC nor Steam versions, but I do have all other versions, thats the ones I can confirm.

Elda130d ago

FFVIII was released in 1999.

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