NVIDIA GPUs Get FPS Boost in Shadow of the Tomb Raider with DX12

The PC port of Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been developed by Nixxes, the same studio that ported of the older Tomb Raider games to PC.

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Bigpappy31d ago

That can’t be possible, DX12 is fake. /s

Cobra95131d ago

The reason DX12 fares worse in many games is that Nvidia spoonfeeds developers quite a bit on the DX11 side, with driver updates specifically aimed at new games. DX12 is closer to the hardware, which means developers need to do more low-level work. It's too easy to let that go, when there's another path to good looks and performance. DX12 certainly has more potential for performance than DX11 (but it requires more work).

"DX12 is a lower level API and as such, it requires far more work by the developers than DirectX 11, where the driver played an important role."