Black Ops 4's Blackout Mode Is A Damn Good Battle Royale (TSA)

TSA writes: "To be quite blunt, Black Ops 4’s new Blackout mode isn’t breaking ground for the genre. It’s not trying too hard to explain what a Battle Royale is for newcomers (and let’s be honest, it doesn’t need to at this point), it’s not shaking up the formula, it’s just got the fast, snappy, responsive Call of Duty shooting and taken the shackles off from the series’ traditionally closed in multiplayer offerings. And you know what? Treyarch’s take on Battle Royale is pretty damn good."

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masterfox35d ago

lol Battle royale games good ?, sure whatever you say man, at least in Fortnite you have to built something for protection, in here you just spawn get a gun a start killing and that's it!, that's the premise. there is a reason why I called these games brainless shooters and is because of that premise,,,oh and if you didn't know you will have to pay $60 dlls for this game for the base edition. Daamnnn.

Rude-ro35d ago

What? Your description would be for h1z1.
The more you scavenge in blackout or in pubg, the better your chances are. This adds in strategies and fun moments.
Outside of building in fortnite, you do exactly what you just described. Drop in, get a weapon as is, and shoot.
Not defending any version or attacking any other game, your description just falls flat with your point.
Hunting in zombie infested areas in blackout can usually net a player the best builds and weapons. Perks that dramatically change the game like tier 3 armor, perks that will notify you that you are being scoped, dead silence etc as well a wide range of good weapon to very powerful weapons as well as vehicles.
You drop in and try to survive with a base weapon as is in pubg or blackout.. your chances are slim to none.
That $60 gets you more than battle royal and it offer more than just “building”.. gives you a plethora of pvp and modes, zombie modes, character solo levels, battle royal and all of this from a studio that still supports last gen versions of their games with updates..
I think it is a fair asking price.

PSNews35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Well said. I felt like people who talk negative about the game are just a hater that want the game not to be successful. They know blackout is going to impact battle royal but wont admit it because it has "Call of duty" in its name.

I'm actually enjoying it. Like you said the perks, the vehicles , helicopter truly change everything . I'd get tired of building shit all the time

Deathdeliverer35d ago

I think blackouts shortcomings are simply Battle Royale related and not game related if that makes sense. Camping in its various forms, and simply bad luck. The only game issues in my opinion is slow pick up and search.