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Spider-Man Dev: The Game Wouldn't Exist If It Wasn't for PlayStation, Having Mark Cerny Was Great

Bryan Intihar, Creative Director on Marvel's Spider-Man, said that the game wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the support PlayStation provided. He particularly pointed out Mark Cerny for all the help.

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Community34d ago
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AizenSosuke34d ago

Playstation providing Players with games + Nintendo + PC + Phone/Tablets providing what gamers need.

CDzNutts34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I've owned a phone for years and I yet to experience one that fulfilled my gaming needs.


So does xbox. Stop hating and game on all systems if you got the means too. Don't hate if you never tried it. Live is the best service and gamepass is awesome.

xX-oldboy-Xx34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

BROWN_KNIGHT - I can hate what I want, MS are a disgusting, conniving, dishonest company. Lucky they have Windows, because everything else has been a failure.

PlayStation all day, everyday.

neutralgamer199233d ago


You should add in your opinion

Game pass is a necessity for Xbox due up poor development of 1st party games. It's easy to put your 68/100 AAA exclusives on game pass

Xblive and psn are almost the same service stop trying to make one look better than the other. End of the day we shouldn't be paying to play online and these series should be optional like it was on ps3

I bought OG Xbox over the ps2 so I have every right to criticize ms and it's strategy which failed. By now Xbox brand should be world wide brand like Nintendo and Sony yet it's not and is very much behind playstation in name recognition

Stop calling things the best that is how these companies become full of themselves and greed and feel like they don't need to go the extra mile for gamers because what they feel they are doing is good enough

OG Xbox showed potential to grow yet since then Xbox brand hasn't grown much

PlayableGamez-34d ago

Are you implying that Phone/Tablets is better than MS platforms?

KaiPow34d ago

Cerny is an absolute genius when it comes to getting extra power out of a PS console.

IamTylerDurden134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Cerny is an incredible asset for Sony. It's great that Sony gives developers the freedom to make the games they want while simultaneously providing the support they need to make the games great.

SuperSonic9132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

He also produced
Sonic the Hedhehog 2 ,
Crash Bandicoot,
Spyro the Dwagon,
Jak and Daxter and
Uncharted .
All iconic platformers.
What a legendary guy!
Architect of the PS4. Wow!

If Nintendo has Miyamoto, PlayStation has Mark Cerny.

sampsonon34d ago

he created it so i hope so

russo12134d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The power of futuristic engineers (Cerny) allied with a great company (Sony) and permanent support of great developers like Insomniac = Secret Sauce.

Difference from others is, this secret sauce really works!

DrumBeat33d ago

I sure hope so, he was the lead architect on the damn thing.

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Relientk7734d ago

Insomniac Games and Mark Cerny, what a great combo.

CarlDechance34d ago

" I’m telling you, anytime I wanted to do something and I want to make a drastic change, it was like, ‘Okay’. I never heard about anything, it was like ‘Go do it!’. The question was ‘Is it going to make the game better?’ and I’d say, ‘Yep’, and they’d go, ‘Okay’, and that would be the last time I’d hear about it. "

Enabling developers. That's a huge reason why Sony published games are so great.

ClayRules201234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Absolutely true.

Sony continues to allow game developers freedom, and with that, has come so many fantastic games. All of the developers (whether owned by Sony or independent studios like Insomniac and Quantic Dream have worked incredibly hard to earn Sony’s trust and the freedom they’ve been given to go about their business in creating these games that they’re all so passionate and proud of.

And to think, because of that trust & freedom, Sony’s studios have created such incredible gaming experiences with new iP’s such as The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War (not a new iP, but a fresh new take which was needed & a masterpiece) Detroit: Become Human, and while not a new iP, Insomniac got the opportunity to craft a Spider-Man, which is absolutely fantastic & a joy to play.

I have faith their developers will continue to amaze & shock us gamers with TLoU 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Dreams.

Soc534d ago

Im confused as to why microsoft cant replicate this. They have tons of money. Hire some great talent and get out of the way!!

Chevalier34d ago

They may have the money, but, the culture and work ethic of the teams involved just don't even come close.

tehpees333d ago

The generalisation that MS makes games for an American audience is absolutely true. Their management have an American mind frame similar to EA, as a result they publish half baked games designed to make money fast rather than focus on the quality and watch sales grow over time.

If they saw the end goal about how games sell in the long run rather than how games sell short term Scalebound would have made it to market.