6 Reasons Why Tomb Raider Underworld Will Tank

From PS3 Attitude: "Since lists appear to be all the rage recently, I would like to put in my two cents about Tomb Raider Underworld."


"When I see a trailer for Tomb Raider's story and I hear the word epic being blasted in rapid fire (3 times in 37 seconds) I listen. I listen loud and clear. This story is going to suck. Epically. Enough with the hype and the marketing jargon. If the game is any good we will do that for you. Perhaps they are in (epic) damage control already. If they realized that this latest (epic) game has really nothing (epic) to bring to the table, at least they can hype the (epic) crap out of it.


"Another "revolutionary" enhancement is the ability to shoot while grabbing on to a pillar, ledge or balance beam. Thank god for the power of the PS3 to finally pull that one off."

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DNAgent3741d ago

I already knew this when it was announced though. Everything that came after the announcement has disappointed me ever since. I guess I will just wait for Uncharted 2 as that will be the better game anyways.

Rick Astley3741d ago

All the Tomb Raider fanboys are getting this just to fap off to Lara Croft's crappy, low poly character model. I know for a fact that this game will fail big time.

DolphGB3741d ago

I think you're on the money there mate...

In fact, we should start a sweepstake on how long it will be before someone posts a YouTube video of the latest next-gen Lara Croft crawling backwards on all fours, since that's what sad 13-year-old boys used to do in the previous games...

jaffa_cake3741d ago

how can this fail boobs and guns, come on guys. and laura croft in sweet HD mmm

fafoon3741d ago

Cause its on the Xbox

coolfool3741d ago

aside from uncharted this looks to be quite a reasonable stab at creating one.

I predict 7/10 average. Good, not great.

sprinterboy3741d ago

I think this will actually be a surprised hit, you always no what your gonna get with a tomb raider game so you know it will be worth your money imo. Roll on Uncharted 2 though lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.