Resonance of Fate Rated for PS4, Incoming Port?

Pure PlayStation: According to the German ratings authority, the USK, the game has been rated for PS4.

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bouzebbal124d ago

OHHHH yes please..
the only JRPG i didn't touch last gen. please be true Tri Ace come on bring it on.

MrZweistein124d ago

One of the best last gen. Loved it.

DarkOcelet124d ago

It was definitely one the best jrpg games I played last gen alongside Tales of Vesperia and Eternal Sonata. A small advice though, skip the tutorial cause its weird and will make you even more confused. Learn how to play the game properly either from a youtube guide or just by playing. I honestly think you should just learn it by playing the game without the tutorial or a guide though because once it clicks with you, the game suddenly turns from wtf am I suppose to do to HOLY SHIT this game is so damn good. It was so satisfying and so much fun once i learned how to play it properly and spent over 100 hour to get to level 300.

Relientk77124d ago

I've never played this, so I would potentially get it

Tapani124d ago

This, I will buy. Thematically probably different than Nier, but it has the same feel in many ways in regards to telling a story about adults to adults.

TheColbertinator124d ago

I hope its true. Would love to replay this on Steam

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The story is too old to be commented.