Undertale: A Beautiful Game and a Toxic Fanbase

How did a game as uplifting as Undertale garner such a toxic fandom?

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Smokehouse85d ago

How pathetic. Your examples are laughable.

DVAcme85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

It's true that his examples are very weak, but it IS a thing that there's a vocal part of the Undertale fandom that is toxic in the extreme. The phenomenon is not exclusive to the Undertale fandom, and fandoms of other works can be even more toxic (League of Legends and Overwatch come to mind), but the ironic part is that an essential part of Undertale's narrative is the power of caring and compassion, while the toxic fandom the game has is the polar opposite of those concepts.

Smokehouse85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Calling random fandoms toxic isn’t a phenomenon. Millions of people play league of legends of course there are bound to be a few who get off on pissing people off.

What examples make this fandom toxic? You haven’t given any other examples, you just say it’s true without explaining why.

Are they any better than “it’s a game for all ages so young players play or they told some youtuber in a let’s play that he’s playing wrong”? If that’s your idea of “toxic fandoms” then that’s pretty much every fandom. The only “phenomenon” is that people actually care enough to complain now.