Nintendo Switch Online Full Details Revealed

Nintendo today announced the full details regarding Nintendo Switch Online. The paid online subscription service will go live on September 18, 2018.

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-Foxtrot124d ago

Voice chat still on phones? Really Nintendo 🙄

2pacalypsenow124d ago ShowReplies(5)
NecrumOddBoy124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

A phone that makes calls already... You pay to make calls via an app. (Signal, WhatsApp, Hangouts etc. are free)

S2Killinit124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

A part of me will mourn the days of free online...

Finally Nintendo had to follow the rest into the paid online future. Am i crazy for being sad about this?? Does anyone feel the way i do?

wonderfulmonkeyman124d ago

I'm still in the camp that believes online multiplayer shouldn't be behind paywalls on any console, so i sympathize with you.

jlove4life124d ago

Steam pc master race smile as last console make you pay for online

milohighclub124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Jlove4life PC master race will cry when their desktops inevitable become hidden behind a paywall.. Desktop as a service will be a thing. M$ will ensure that.

TheEnigma313124d ago

I actually do miss free online multiplayer, but PS network is so much better than it was last gen because the users pay. Nintendo can follow the same track.

WeedyOne123d ago

Paid online multiplayer is part of the reason i dont game on consoles much anymore except for good single player exclusives.

I got my pc for online games now.

HeisenbergX123d ago

S2Killinit No trust me you are not the only one ... i remember the days of Ps3 and how lucky we were that generation to have free online on PS ahhh :(

ImGumbyDammit123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

"Ps3 and how lucky we were that generation to have free online "

Ah yes... such short memories of how mediocre PSN was last gen. The days (not just a rare hour two) but actual days it would be down. The hacks it received because it was unsecured. Including the one with personal data of 30 million users was stolen. The lags and slowness. The lack of features compared to the competition. The list goes on. Yes, good times /s. PSN today is so much better now because there is an incentive for Sony (money coming in from users) to really support the system and make it a secure/reliable and well rounded service.

yeahokwhatever123d ago

If you think Sony wasn't making money with the PS3.. I'm not even sure how to respond. You REALLY think the big hack had ANYTHING to do with a monthly fee? really?

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shadowraiserx124d ago

I see some youtubers saying they will use discord instead but how that gonna be any better than using the nintendo app to play.

Gh05t124d ago

Its so they can get all that mobile data from its customers.

blawren4123d ago

There was zero indication that this aspect would have changed. not sure why you are surprised

Gr8saiyaman88123d ago

Honestly not even that bad.

zombiewombie123d ago

Not only that, but they erase your cloud saves if you let your sub expire. Nintendo cant seem to catch up.

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FallenAngel1984124d ago

They basically told us everything we already knew in this Direct

zaherdab124d ago

You didn't know that they have the infinity gauntlet and kept snapping their finger to make people buy the online pass ...
Like seriously why do they keep doing these childish gimmicks in their directs .... a finger snap !!!! 10 times !!!

Platformgamer124d ago

psplus is triple the price but still 100x better than this awful online service nintendo will have

DJK1NG_Gaming124d ago

You really expected it to be better at that price?

bumbleforce124d ago

I agree and disagree. Psn has more features but nintendos network never goes down unlike Sony's

SierraGuy124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

First of all PSN is NEVER down. Get your facts straight.

Second the more users you have the more vulnerable you are to hacks.

It's why windows is one of the most hacked platforms. EVERYONE is on it.

Give Nintendo the userbase of PSN and see what happens.

If your looking for stability in a console network PSN all the way.

It's no longer 2014.

Aenea124d ago

LOL, it never goes down? That's because it doesn't exist yet! Yes, a few servers for Splatoon 2 so far and of course the game servers themselves, but since they weren' really connected in any meaningful way there wasn't a single entry point to attack by DDOSers or hackers. This will start to happen once it actually starts from next Tuesday. Then add that when they get to the same amount of active users as PSN/XBL they will need to add more and more servers in many different places on the planet which means that eventually some of those servers will have hardware issues or software install issues. So when it becomes bigger and exists longer the more often server mishaps are going to happen...


Well, no, PSN does go down once in a while but it's not that often that people need to keep mentioning it...

jlove4life124d ago

Lol what network the one that start next week

Uken12124d ago

They are all trash. I buy the stupid system, buy the game and most are locked behind online. Some have their own specific online cost.And you already pay for internet.

I don't mind paying a subscription for online play. But I think it should be half the price.

Tazzy123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

@SierraGuy Do some research before saying anything it's been down

Tazzy123d ago

I think Nintendos will go down at times they all go down at some point.

blanka4545123d ago

Sony is always top of their game or get there!

DarXyde123d ago


Never? Did you really say PSN is NEVER down? So you've never seen the "PlayStation Network is down for scheduled maintenance" notification? Did I imagine Christmas with Lizard Squad?

PSN definitely goes down. It's not very frequent at all, but it does happen sometimes.

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blackblades124d ago

Well it's there 1st time, we all know they are outta date.

DarXyde123d ago

To be fair, Sony's network wasn't great when PS4 started out either and that was $50/year. It's $60/year now (if you aren't savvy of deals, anyway) and it hasn't really offered any improvement over what it was in the time period before the price hike.

Nintendo may very well do the same thing: increase the price and provide no improved benefits to offering. For now, we'll see. It's unfortunate that they're charging since I think online play should be free for the platform, but this is the world we live in, I guess.

blanka4545123d ago

ps plus is quality I have it. Nintendo meh they suck for online and smash will be out in couple of months. Nintendo disappointing online they don't want my support ok!

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PhoenixUp124d ago

I can’t believe Nintendo actually had the audacity to actually stand by the decision to have a smartphone app just to use basic voice chat in a video that’s supposed to entice people to subscribe to their new service, especially after Fortnite already showed how unnecessary it is.

This is one of the reasons I can’t take people who say “at least it’s cheap” as an excuse for this service’s various shortcomings seriously.

Neonridr124d ago

well it is cheap.. $2 a month for me in Canada.

Aenea124d ago

Still doesn't excuse the crappy implementation tho. It's not like ths is cheaper to implement network wise, since it would cost the same amount of traffic and could use the same protocols. Problem is that the Switch is a tad too weak to handle voice chat besides running a game, a design booboo if you ask me...

Then again, I won't be using my Switch with voice chat anyways so I don't mind all that much...

generic-user-name124d ago

They're all cheap when you break them down to a monthly basis.

badz149124d ago


it was Free. and PS3 and Vita is still doing it for FREE = $0/month and have more features than this. what's the excuse again? the Vita that Nintendo fanboys love to troll and bash and call as not powerful enough to run Switch level games, have basic online functions natively for FREE. no phone needed!

jznrpg124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Should be free for the need of another device

Neonridr124d ago

@badz149 - hey, I never said that other people weren't doing it better. I would pay $2 for classic games with online funcitonality, discounts in the eshop and online multiplayer. Maybe you wouldn't, and that's your choice.

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Aenea124d ago

The hardware is too weak to handle voice chat so they need to come up with another way.
It's a crappy way, that's for sure and will never, ever use it like that...

badz149124d ago

FYI, the PSP has native voice chat. PSP, not Vita. power is not an excuse this time!

blanka4545123d ago

You can use your headset for fornite on Switch lol!

FBNS123d ago

Fortnight has native chat on the switch... This is just Nintendo buggery

PhoenixUp124d ago

@ Neo

The quality is cheap as well

@ Aenea

Power has nothing to do with it. Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, DS, PSP, 360, PS3, 3DS, & Vita are all less powerful consoles than NS and they still handled voice chat in a more practical manner. 360 & Vita even offered party chat, something you’ll most likely never see on a Nintendo system.

instantstupor124d ago

The freakin' DS has games that support voice chat on the console...the DS!

alex101594123d ago

THIS! I'm not supporting this. Here's hoping the reception is bad. Sorry, Splatoon 2 and other online games.

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DJK1NG_Gaming124d ago

Basically what the website told us months ago. Nothing new. If you expected more than what Nintendo has already outlined. They that your fault.
Expect a $20 service not $60 service.

ShadowWolf712124d ago

Reggie still won't return your phone calls.

DJK1NG_Gaming124d ago

Never called him in the first place and don't really care

TheColbertinator124d ago

Meh. Expecting a $20 charge for a service from Nintendo that should be free.

Gh05t123d ago

You do realize there are a plethora of free voice chat systems out there... I dont have to pay $60 for them. I bought the console, I bought the phone, I bought the bandwidth and they want me to pay them to use an app to talk to friends... How do you not see how idiotic that is? Im the one paying for all of the costs they arent doing anything I couldnt already do for free.

DJK1NG_Gaming123d ago

and you realize what you said is irrelevant ot the fact that NIntenod already finalize their decision months ago so getting mad now is old news.

Benjaminkno123d ago

Yea, it’s strange people want to criticize that aren’t fans and weren’t going to be no matter what Nintendo did.

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