PSU: Sony & Nintendo Dominate Japanese Software Charts Top 10

PSU: "According to the latest Media Create figures (courtesy of ChartGet) Sony and Nintendo have split the Japanese software top ten for the period October 13-19 evenly between them."

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robotnik3646d ago

As usual, nobody likes M$ there. They are very intelligent people and would rather buying a PS2 or PSP game over Infinite Flopcovery, Floppy Odyssey or Floppy Dragon, games that have shown a lack of taste for good stories and that fall short to impress the wonderful people from the country of the Rising Sun.

They also enjoy playing quality games from Nintendo, like Pokemon Red or Nintendo Orchestra Mania, created by the almighty Shigeru Miyamoto.

I'm proud to announce that I will be buying Nintendo Orchestra as soon as it comes to my nearest shop, then proceed to burn it.

Sena Kobayakawa3646d ago

So you already forgot how well Infinite Undiscovery sold in japan? now infinite is a flop in japan? common you saw the sales and the famitsu reviews.

this isnt even funny.

Zerodin3646d ago

Sony's profits are PATHETIC!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Sony & Nintendo that's the way it should be!!! ;-D
Maybe SEGA should come back to???
Can't think of any other Good Games company that's good out there??? ;-D

I wonder why they are buying xBox 360's over there for???
Is it Winter over there??? i.e they can use the xBox 360 as a HEATER!!! ;-D

Irishrocket693644d ago

I wonder who is buying all the PS3 games, oh that's right NOBODY!

"Iceberg straight ahead!"

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Keele3646d ago

Or maybe you're wrong and they're as stupid as you are.

sinncross3646d ago

Sony seriously need a Super Robot Wars HD..

I mean, LBP, WKC, FF13, FFversus13, and SRW would seriously kick start the PS3 into action... monster Hunter 3 would as well but if marketed correctly, WKC could provide the same function since its online component is basically MH.

ChickeyCantor3646d ago

" as well but if marketed correctly"
goes for all those games...maybe not FF, that will sell in japan for sure.

chaosatom3646d ago

By that time, ps3 will become as cheap as a wii.

SL1M DADDY3645d ago

That way they will capitalize on the release of Killzone 2 and gain a huge boost for those going into the gaming slump just after the start of spring and into the summer.

thereapersson3645d ago

SEGA just needs to re-make Virtual-ON for the PS3. That would be SICK.

Aquanox3645d ago

Sure the PSP is doing great, but where's the PS3 in that list?

ultimolu3645d ago

I like the sound of that. x3

pwnsause3645d ago

"Conveniently labeled as "Sony"
Sure the PSP is doing great, but where's the PS3 in that list?"

Better yet, weres 360 on that list? it doesnt take a smallbrain to know that Sony makes money from all three of their Platforms.

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Capt CHAOS3646d ago

Yep, it's still the handhelds.. Good on em.

Keele3646d ago

MH3 was sent to the Wii due to Capcom not being able to cough up the money for Ps3 development.

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