Kotaku's take on Spider-Man's attitude to the Police is out of touch with the character & Police

Marvel's Spider-Man has absolutely captured the gaming community. However both Kotaku and Deadspin have released articles bemoaning the titular character's attitude to the police. This article from The Loot Gaming responds to the opinions laid out in those articles.

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SCW198237d ago

It was the biggest try hard piece in a very long time.

adamllewellynTLG37d ago

To be honest it was downright offensive to Police officers.

NecrumOddBoy37d ago

You're article was terrible and you should be ashamed of yourself

CarlDechance37d ago


You do realize this isn’t the author of the kotaku article, right? He wrote a counter piece to the Kotaku article. Think there is some misunderstandings going on here.

NecrumOddBoy37d ago


I think you mean the Kotaku article is offensive, not Spiderman, correct? I am referring to the progressive pink hair manly looking transgender social justice buffoon from Kotaku who wrote this trash. The garbage that comes out of Kotaku and a ton of that leftist San Fran f*ckerty is absurd. Media wherever it comes from is not news and does nothing but create divisiveness amongst society. I know people hate those terms and ones like "fake news" but seriously, this is where we are. Go to the Newseum in DC sometime and look at all the history of journalism. There was a hundred years of aggressive and factual reporting in this world, but in the last decade it has all gone to shit sadly. TMZ and Buzzfeed = CNN/Fox/MSNBC. Politics and social liberal crud has infected the outlets. One day we will find ourselves united and these sites will crumble but sadly it's a dark time right now. Gaming was one thing in this world that was about fun, entertainment, unity, artistic expression and team building, but now it's a pillar for these crock bloggers to platform their sick and twisted ideals towards influencing a hateful youth of people. /rant over

SuperSonic9136d ago

I agree Kotaku's article is part of the problem not the solution.

No one can defeat negativity with another negativity.

I see many good cops try to make positive police force image.

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Highlife37d ago

I support the police those men and women have one tough job. A few bad apples give them a bad name. I'm tired of people craping on them I would love to see them try their job.

CaptainObvious87836d ago

Kotaku's take on basically everything is out of touch with reality. Especially if it's anything to do with sexism, or racism, or video games, or..... like I said, basically everything.

PhoenixUp37d ago

How many more articles are we going to get about this topic

IamTylerDurden137d ago

It's utter nonsense. Should Spider-man really include race issues and police brutality? Spider-man is not the venue. I really don't get, Detroit tackled some of these serious issues and was criticised for it, but now people are mad that Spider-man of all games doesn't include them? F****** absurd.

adamllewellynTLG37d ago

No he shouldn't. That's the point of this article...

Bhuahahaha37d ago

a month or two then it'll be back hitting xplay, xplay and xplay after thats its "days gone" turn ......

Silly gameAr37d ago

My god. This has to be a joke.

OB1Biker37d ago

Of course Kotaku is wrong. They are often wrong. That doesn't deserve more articles about them though. Comments are enough. If people believe everything they read in the press its too bad.

Kabaneri37d ago

Kotaku criticizes many games for not being leftist propaganda.

Juiceid37d ago

kotaku criticizes ANYTHING for not being leftist propoganda.

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