A Number of Older and Some New Final Fantasy Games are Coming to Nintendo Switch & Xbox One

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation it was announced that a variety of older Final Fantasy games are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Update: Square Enix has now said that several of these games are also on their way to Xbox One, including VII, IX, X and X-2, and XII.


Admin note: it makes this admin's heart so happy to see people criticize Square for their ignoring of VIII, one of the best FF games.

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ZaWarudo129d ago

No FFVIII. smh. Most underrated FF game. Best FF ost, fight me.

-Foxtrot129d ago

They treat VIII like shit

It’s one of the most underrated main games and beautifully done, it stands out more from the opening, to the characters, to the unique soundtrack

I liked it better then VII, Squall has some deep development and was nice to see the story change him as a character

Asuka129d ago

Right there with you. FFVIII is my favorite mainline title. Idk y SE keeps putting this particular title off. All the other PS1 classics have seen numerous rereleases on multiple platforms...

Eonjay129d ago

These titles were all announced for PS4 too, but you know, gaming journalism...

playnice129d ago

maybe there is a chance it gets a remaster in the future? I am still overwhelmed by the amount of games announced!! finally grabbing a switch on Sunday and I am even more excited :). All other games hd been previously re-released on some platform... maybe FFVIII would benefit from it’’s own, separate remaster + announcement?

Michiel1989129d ago

@eonjay its almost like there was a nintendo direct 5 hours ago. and a section dedicated to ff and thats why it doesnt mention ps4. but you know, people who cant stand people not mentioning ps4 in an article commenting....

The 10th Rider128d ago


First off your comment isn't even related to Foxtrot's or ZaWarudo, so way to piggyback off the first comments in order to try and get more attention. Second off PS4 isn't mentioned because of most of these are already available for PS4 and as such including it in the title wouldn't make much sense.

Eonjay128d ago

Oh right so why is Xbox One mentioned in the title if this is about Nintendo. Please make something up fast. I am not going to submit to the ignorance.

Forn128d ago

They have FFVIII available on PS3, so why not on PS4? Weird.

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BLizardXD129d ago

they're brining FFVII to Xbox. just noticed that. they're probably making adjustments for the Remake as well. i guess only time will tell.

DJK1NG_Gaming129d ago

fight you nah fam I join you.

DJK1NG_Gaming129d ago

oh and FFVIII being missing is either because TGS or 20th Anniversary announcement

3-4-5129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

They are just bringing over the ones from PS4. This is good though.

G3ng4r129d ago

I mean, ffviii wasn't the best. Maybe had the best ost. In the end though the battle system was broken and the story went off the rails but really that was a lot of the fun.

I_am_Batman128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I'm playing FFVIII right now. It's so damn good. FFVII, VIII and IX are all masterpieces. The PS1 era was the golden age of Final Fantasy.

DarXyde128d ago

Amen, brother.

VIII was my favorite.

128d ago
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porkChop129d ago

Dude. Where the F is VIII? Square why do you continually crap on VIII? It's such a good game. I don't get it.

Godmars290129d ago

Where's Crisis Core? That would be a mega-bomb at this point, considering it was only released once.

Vegamyster129d ago

Last i recall they can't port Crisis core because of a licensing issue with one of the songs and the likeness of Gackt ect.

Gardenia128d ago

Must be legal issues or something. Otherwise they could have released it years ago

Relientk77129d ago

Hopefully Final Fantasy VIII comes sometime down the line. Excited for Final Fantasy VII and IX

playnice129d ago

sorry if I didn’t pay enough attention but do we know if this is the remastered/remake version of FFVII?

jaycptza128d ago

Same one that's currently on mobile, PC and PS4

playnice128d ago

Allright, thanks for the info!

I_am_Batman128d ago

I couldn't wait any longer for them to release a remaster with trophies for the PS4 so I started a new game on my PS1 (playing on CRT TV). Having a great time.

PhoenixUp129d ago

Never thought I’d see the day where Final Fantasy would make a huge non-Crystal Chronicles related splash on Nintendo consoles again.

Even though it’s still doubtful any new mainline title would ever arrive day and date on a Nintendo console, all these titles make it feel like almost like the SNES era again.

G3ng4r129d ago

New copy of ffvii, not even snes had that.

PhoenixUp129d ago

I’m not saying the exact games that were on the SNES. I’m saying we haven’t seen this amount of Final Fantasy games on a Nintendo console since SNES

-Foxtrot129d ago

I hate to ask this on here but I’m curious, how is it that now they can bring the PS1 games to Nintendo and Xbox consoles? Actual legit question.

What’s different now to like a year or 5 ago? It’s FF they would have done this sooner right

pramath1605129d ago

Same way they could bring NES and SNES FF games to PlayStation?

Razmiran129d ago

Maybe they thought there was no audience on xbox?
As for Nintendo, there was no console to bring them too, the wiiu wasnt doing too hot and the 3ds would have had cartrdrige space issues

cpayne93128d ago

Ps1 games can't fit on a 3ds cartridge?


Razmiran128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

How much space does a 3ds cartridge have? On ps1 they were 4 disc games. The pc/ps4 version of 9 is around 6 gigs
7 was way lighter, like around 2 gigs, but still bigger than most 3ds roms

cpayne93128d ago

3ds cartridges can go up to 8 gigs. They could find ways to fit it on there even if they weren't though.

DJK1NG_Gaming129d ago

It probably has something to do with the fact that Sony sold their shares in Square Enix.

129d ago
DJK1NG_Gaming129d ago

You do realize games aren't made within a year right?
That Square Enix had to have meetings and talk with Nintendo and Microsoft.

Come on. Use common sense.

rainslacker129d ago

FFVII, and I believe 8, Sony had exclusive console rights to it, so it couldn't be released on other consoles. I'd imagine that SE would have had to buy back the rights from Sony to release it on the other consoles.

Either that, or there was a time frame attached, and it is now expired, although that would likely mean they've been holding off for a while since those rights would have been separated by years from one another due to release dates.

Otherwise, Maybe SE never really saw it as financially viable to port them. 3DS would make the games look worse than they did on PS1(relatively speaking), and Xbox hasn't exactly lit up the numbers for the franchise as a whole. Wii could have been a contender, so I'm sticking with them buying back rights from Sony or Sony's rights to license had expired.

DJK1NG_Gaming129d ago

How 3DS make it look worst than PS1. It's stronger and has a higher resolution. It would be no different than PSP having them. Since 3DS is more powerful than that system.

rainslacker129d ago

The system itself would be capable of running it, but the nature of the screen, and the actual style of graphics used for both games wouldn't have looked good on the system itself.

To put it in perspective, even the PC port to the PS4 looked like crap(relatively speaking) on newer flat screen TV's, and the 3DS screen didn't do well for things that didn't have high contrast to the images.

I wasn't trying to take a shot at the 3DS, and I doubt that was the reason it was not released on the 3DS since SE wouldn't really care in the face of making a potential profit.

Lexreborn2129d ago

They are all the remastered versions of the games. Meaning they aren’t the original ps1 versions, this is probably why 8 isn’t there.

If you want all the final fantasy games on one system though. You can get 1-10-2 on ps vita including 8

indysurfn129d ago

One the PRESIDENT! He got canned a few years ago. The board wanted someone that would bring the company back to their roots. The new guy PROMPTLY announce that they wanted him to bring them back to their roots and that it would take some years to turn the ship around since the games takes a few years to make compared to hack and slash. We are seeing the first fruits now.

The second and maybe biggest reason is most RPG's went to handheld after 1999. Since the SWITCH is console/handheld and over 100 RPG's on SWITCH eshop are successful every console is hungry for RPG's because no way Sony is going to set still and let Nintendo take over all RPG's on Console like they did on handhelds.

Third reason is other franchises is showing SQUARE that people do know what they want when they beg for mainline RPG's. Because they are buying it in droves!

Good question,

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