UK Store Tescos Strikes in 360 Price War

Mere weeks after UK supermarket and sort-of videogames retailer Sainsburys slashed the price of Xbox 360 Premium consoles to as little as £99.99 for the Arcade Model.

But will UK rival retailer GAME buy up all their stock?

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ReBurn3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

So this retailer selling the 60gb 360 at £144.71 and the Arcade for £99.99 means consumers there are paying roughly the same amount that US consumers have been paying. And with the fluctuation in exchange rates lately possibly a bit less. That's good, in my opinion, since from where I sit people in Europe get shafted on the cost of consoles and games.

What sucks, though, is that another retailer buys the stuff and resells it for higher prices. Knowing that I don't think I would shop at GAME.

P4KY B3646d ago

With the recent exchange rate fluctuations.
Thats a premium for $234
and an arcade for $160.

Fishy Fingers3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Uk has other factors like VAT (value added tax) to consider, essentially, 17.5% of that price is government tax.

chasuk083646d ago

I love how the 360 is £99-£150 and it only barely beats the £300 PS3, I dont expect microsoft are laughing now, considering they are most likely barely making any profit.

na2ru13646d ago

But that was yesterday on newspaper.

cherrypie3645d ago

Taxes are on all the products. Its not really relevant to the discussion.

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coolfool3646d ago

Why can't they just let the great price go to the consumer? Why do they have to rip people off at every given opportunity? Their bundles are always crap because they only seem to include games that nobody wants but they want to shift and their preowned game prices just take the piss because they are usually just a few pound cheaper than the brand new version. They rely on the fact that a few pounds makes all the difference to the consumer.

Ok game gripe over.

Omega43646d ago

I cant believe what GAME is doing isnt illegal, its madness

wicked3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I hear what you are saying and agree, but why would pay a higher price at Game when most towns have a Tesco or Sainsburys? I think Game will just be stuck with lots of systems.

nirwanda3646d ago

tescos an sainsbury's are probably selling at cost price to get more people in the shop so game are buying up all the stock for around what they will be paying to create shortages so anyone wanting a 360 will have to get one elsewhere

yoghurt3646d ago

It makes me sad that these stores do this for just 360, it's no doubt this helps towards the increase in 360 sales so why can't they do it for other consoles too?

wicked3646d ago

Sainsburys did have the Wii @ 149.99 the other week.

Capt CHAOS3646d ago

Hell yeah, I'd buy a PS3 for 99.98 ;-)

edhe3646d ago

Most people would!

I'd even try and see if it fit into my under-telly shelving for that price.

Nice DVD player \o/


A console that can do so much for this cheap a price is really a bargain.

Funny thing was 18 months ago i was having a conversation with a friend and telling him that when the new xbox is has just been released the 360 will be dirt cheap!

Looks like they are dirt cheap now without any sign of the new xbox on the horizon!

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