Could BioShock 2 Take Place on Dry Land?

Slashgamer Writes: "A better quality teaser trailer has made its way online for BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. After viewing it again, we might have uncovered somethings we missed after we first watched it."

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megaman93649d ago

Ether way I can't wait for the game!!!!

Omega43649d ago

If they can produce the same atmosphere as they did underwater then of course it could, but i'd rather see more cool water effects

Not to mention being underwater makes you feel more trapped while on land it would be a lot easier to run away and escape

Fishy Fingers3649d ago

I agree, Rapture had a "nice" claustrophobic feel. Hopefully they carry that over into the sequel (or prequel).

iMarcus3649d ago

I thought there was an interview a while back where they basically said it was going to be a prequel set in Rapture?

Anyway, While it's a good topic, this is a blog? Isn't it supposed to be credible news site? Someone fill me in.

penguinhunter3649d ago

From what I understand, slashgamer is part of slashfilm which is a very credible film site.

nqabassist263649d ago

I actually was hoping it would be under water again.

Owell, gonna be sick when it comes out anyway.