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Streets of Rage 4 does a fantastic job of blending the traditional Streets of Rage gameplay with modern tools and techniques.

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VTKC400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

wheres the other characters? Its not even impressive . Bombergames Streets of Rage Remake is still no1 even seeing this and its FREE to download. But was served a cease and desist. Now I see why because they wanted to release this. This is a joke compared to the Bombergames version. There were loads of content in it. from made up characters to new bosses and stages. You could even play as different versions of characters from the different streets of rages so they had their original moves AND NEW ones created for the game. ADAM was put back in and he had new attacks made because he only appeared in the first game so his moves were limited compared to the other games that came later. All the content was FREE. You could unlock it all by just playing the game and getting ingame points which was not a grind. Even the music was redone. You could make your own levels. There is a multiple routes you could take as you went from stage to stage.

They have taken on a really big challenge because its all FREE. I doubt they will be able to even come close to topping what the Bombergames had created.

BCD400d ago

No offence but im really not impressed by anything I've seen thus far, also dislike axels beard, but i do know what sega were going for here another sonic maina esc success. It all remains to been seen however. I'll wait and see for more