Microsoft Executive VP & CFO: We Will Build The Best Gaming Cloud, Xbox Team Was Instrumental

Microsoft's Amy Hood said that the company will have the best gaming cloud before commending the Xbox team on this endeavor and their passion for driving adoption for this technology.

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Mostafeto34d ago

I honestly think cloud will ultimately be an important element in video games. It just needs time to establish itself properly.

porkChop34d ago

There are a lot of things that can be offloaded to the cloud to free up processing power for other tasks. The issue is creating a strong, stable cloud infrastructure that makes those things possible.

We have yet to see Microsoft really use or take advantage of their cloud computing network, so we'll have to wait and see whether they've actually pulled it off.

Godmars29034d ago

Its just that shouldn't have said as much when launching the original XB1. Especially given its been how many years since then?

darthv7234d ago

yeah... they certainly jumped the gun on that one. Being really excited for a potential game changer is one thing but they should have dialed back that enthusiasm just a tad. Especially since its been nearly 5 years now and all we got is clear skies.

When it eventually rains, it may pour but right now it's just cloud vapor.

lxeasy34d ago

Yeah I think cloud gaming will begin it's mainstream trend in 7- 10years.

Zeref34d ago

actually Xbox is launching a cloud box as soon as 2020 with the release of scarlett

KaiPow34d ago

I have yet to see much of anything come from the cloud besides cloud saves.

Give us something tangible, Microsoft!

denawayne34d ago

The cloud is coming. MS is waiting for next the console.
On a side note, I think both systems will have some type of Alexa/Siri functionality in them.

PhoenixUp34d ago

Microsoft continues to talk more about tech than they do actual games

Alexious34d ago

They just opened one new studio and purchased four. Soon they'll have enough content to rival Sony and Nintendo.

Cohagen42034d ago

Wake us up when one of them actually wins game of the year unanimously.

Apocalypse Shadow34d ago

That's what I was thinking cohagen. Since Sony started firing on all cylinders, even on PS3,Microsoft has won nothing of merit.

Microsoft's studios have a long way to go before reaching Sony's output level.

As for the cloud, maybe someday when internet providers don't have data caps, is worldwide and doesn't go down periodically. Until then, cloud is a dream. And if the games are streaming from the server, it means you no longer own any games.

TheTony31634d ago

Soon? It'll take multiple generations to rival Sonys and Nintendos output (and quality). I have no faith in them. They've been around for 16 years and never really bothered to invest in a diverse first party line up.

nowitzki200434d ago

But when that content is available to PC users, then Xbox wont have much gain.

CarlDechance34d ago

Doubtful. Playground Games and Undead Labs were entirely dedicated to Microsoft already so they are basically moot as far as new content. Really no idea why they bought Compulsion, but I expect little from them. Ninja Theory and The Initiative will be interesting. Those are the truly key additions, but suggest they are going to bring MS up to Sony and Nintendo's level is a bit foolhardy, imo.

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mkis00734d ago

It is not simply quantity. It is quality. There is no gaurentee a game released will be a hit. There is no standard on xbox yet. The highest valued team xbox has Is playground, and they are only known for a racing game. Going from that to an action adventure genre is a big shift.

Ms has enough money to buy nintendo and Sony, so why has it taken them this long to enter the conversation.

It remains to be seen if the dev teams they aquired can matchup with the likes of nintendo and sony.

CarlDechance34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"majority of the exclusives from Sony thus far are not even first party"

And? PS4 first party kills Xbox first party any way you want to look at it.

Whatever23434d ago

How many years is this been going on for and yet you people keep having faith in microsoft . Just like the religious folks.

neutralgamer199234d ago


Is that a joke just buying studios doesn't mean you rival Sony or Nintendo. It takes time lower your expectations

Creative freedom
Risk taking
A lot of R&D

There will be more failures than successes but the success will be more fruitful in the long run. I just don't understand Joe anyone can expect ms to just all of the sudden do what Sony and Nintendo have done over a long period of time

Buying and opening studios are the first steps now it's about patience and giving the developers time since vast majority of them will be working on new IP's which in itself is very risky

Thundercat7734d ago

Your assumption is very high in the clouds.

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PhoenixUp34d ago

@ Alex

Yet they’ve had a number of studios they own and others they work with. Let’s not forget how a lot of them underwhelmed audiences.

@ Oliver

And they still talk more about tech than the exclusives they announced at that conference.

The talk of games should always be a consistent thing, not something you do once in a while and then put it aside while talking about controllers, subscriptions, and such.

Raiden34d ago

MS is a massive company, software is there foundation and gaming is still new to them in some cases, but they always seem to push innovation and of evolve it, look at the Kinect its a big flop because media bios and lack of content, Cortana style voice commands are now everywhere, face it, like it or not MS innovation comes out and gets shot down and yet years later another company give it a trying and it becomes the best thing, and will I'm on this point, MS still wins why because of patented software, my next point, APPLE would never be around if it was not for MS funding them back onto the market, Steve Jobs had no money the banks wouldn't trust him, but MS did, and funded APPLE back to life, you media people and your media bios looking at MS like some greed parasite, do know how much charity work this company does, anyway my point is MS is more than just games, this is a game site and it reports on everything related to games

PhoenixUp34d ago

Microsoft has been in the gaming hardware business for 17 years now. Don’t give me that BS that gaming is still new to them. Sony’s output of games was far superior in its first 17 years on the market

Raiden33d ago

I mean in the larger since, of business, Sony only had 3 business focus Electrical hardware and movies, now on the hardware front, Sony has decades of xp in comparison to MS, Sony has been in the gaming drone with Nintendo until Nintendo said no to the PS 1 hard disc drive, and that was 20 years ish before MS came into the gaming console business via the DREAMCAST after that the Xbox was born as a side project, Sony by this time had already established itself as a power house in gaming as they had gone around buying up as many 3rd party companies that would say yes, Sony has always had the advantage over its competitor because of two reasons band recognition and the reputation to having the best paid for exclusive, Sega and Nintendo couldn't competitor either, Sega went down with dreamcast, no software 3rd parties where paid not to release soft on other systems keeping exclusive to one platform Sony, now compare the fact that in the console arena and what has recently come to light, the Xbox department were finally held back, that means game Development funds came out of the gaming portfolio and not MS directly, now that this has changed MS has taken a leaf out of the Sony hand book buy studios that make great games and build your own at the same time, the difference between the 2 right now is financial gap which Sony can never catch like the Xbox one can never catch the PS4, but give MS next gen and the one after you will see the market shift, we have google now coming too.

PhoenixUp32d ago

Microsoft published its first game in 1982, 7 years before Sony entered the game publishing industry in 1989.

Microsoft were also involved in the development of the MSX in 1983, although Sony also contributed to manufacturing it.

Microsoft had a presence in gaming before Xbox released. And even after the brand launched there’s still no justifiable reason for Microsoft’s first party output to be the way it is now. Sony’s first party output by 2011 far surpassed than what Microsoft is doing now, even though Microsoft’s financial status is doing better now than SIE’s 7 years ago.

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Srhalo34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It'll be funny if the next xbox is a streaming console and the PS5 is an actual console. Sony can make another "how to trade your games on PS4" video, only the PS5 one will be "how do you play your games on PS5" and have Shu put a disk in the drive.

TheTony31634d ago

That would be the end of the Xbox brand. Even worse than the DRM/used games fiasco.

mozzie34d ago

lol do you really think MS created the xbox one x to just release a streaming only console? nobody said they‘re going to release a streaming only device. it‘s about much more than just game streaming. it‘s also about a cloud game development platform. we‘ll see what you think when the next ps exclusive was developed on microsoft cloud services...

Srhalo34d ago

I remember when people said the same thing about how "Microsoft would never do an always online console" then they did...


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rainslacker34d ago

Didn't MS say, or at least it's heavily rumored, that they actually are releasing a streaming only device? It's as an option to release alongside a more traditional console, so it wont be the only thing they release, but it does indicate that they are going to invest heavily in streaming services of some sort.

Obviously, since it is just a rumor based on far as I can could be any number of things, or be what is being said, but MS most certainly has talked up new streaming services for the future on the big stage at the last E3.

Dragonscale34d ago

@mozzie, why the hell would Sony need ms cloud to develop their own great single player exclusives?

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