Console Piracy On The Rise?

With the pirated leak of Fallout 3 three weeks before its release date, Rob and Ben (from Tom's games) talk console piracy and how it affects the gaming industry as a whole.

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crematory3648d ago

every thing gonna be hacked and pirated after this economical disaster

jedistev3648d ago

everything is piracy, every PS3 has homebrew... they can do anything they want copy game in HDD or Blu-ray media or External USB HDD up to 1tb or 2tb....

love see end of piracy but long way to go...!!!

DNAgent3648d ago

I looked at the title and was kind of confused for a second since there is no piracy on the PS3. Then I remembered about all of the people who pirated games for the 360. Looks like a lot of devs chose the wrong console to develop for so now it's coming back to bite them in the ass and they are crying about the piracy.

Trekster_Gamer3648d ago

If you think the PS3 won't be pirated. Devs back the 360 because of thats where the money is. Yes there is pirating but in the grand scheme of things they already know this. Thew knew this before they made the game, they look at number of purchase receipts and not small amount of pirating (comparatively speaking). I would imagine that there are some that do pirate the games (while it is wrong) just do not wish to wait until it's release to play it. When they game is released they most likely purchase it to play it online (something you can't normally do on a pirated game.

ultimolu3648d ago

Treskter...until it happens...The PS3 remains hack-proof. I can say the PSP can be hacked but as for the PS3? No.

testerg353648d ago

Its only a matter of time before the PS3 gets hacked too. Blu-Ray burners and media prices are going down. Once its hacked, it will sell like crazy.

SH3MRON3648d ago

From what I heard there is a way to hack the ps3 and consists of a way to record the whole game disc on the hdd but don't know if its posible to play online and there's a rumor that it can be done with recordable BD discs (I find hard to belive this one) but like I said its just rumors.

The 360 was hacked before its release since its mostly based on pc hardware but its never gonna be as easy as a pc. And the new drives cannot be hacked (at least for now).

mariusmal3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

i don't know where this myth that consoles dont suffer from piracy came from. all previous consoles were pirated and the only one left is the ps3.

i'm a little tired of the "ohhh gosh pc gaming is getting pirated to oblivion". i'm a gamer for about 16 years and piracy always existed.. and guess what, we are still playing pc and consoles games.

i'm not supporting piracy, i'm just saying its old news and that always existed. piracy is hardly newsworthy.