Insomniac Would Love to Make Sunset Overdrive 2

In this month's episode of IGN Unfiltered, Ryan McCaffrey sat down with Insomniac CEO Ted Price and discussed the potential future of the Insomniac-owned IP.

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TRU3_GAM3R35d ago

After playing spider Man
I would like them to make a game for
Thor or Spawn!

LG_Fox_Brazil35d ago

Oh my God, imagine a Spawn game made with the same care to details that Spider Man got

Brazz35d ago

Spawn is just too dark, same goes for Thor...

BLizardXD34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"Insomniac Would Love to Make Sunset Overdrive 2"

good. but first, make a 4k patch with unlocked frame-rate for the first Sunset Overdrive.

micdagoat1934d ago

Damn I havent tried it since I got the X so I just assumed it had it. thats rediculous

lxeasy34d ago

I loved Sunset Overdrive, I would to see Sunset Overdrive 2!! Make it happen Microsoft, seriously what are they waiting for?

darthv7234d ago

I'd rather them make a hulk game but if they find time for a SSOD2 then sure that would be nice too.

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AspiringProGenji35d ago

You will after you finally join the PS family.

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porkChop35d ago

Insomniac wants to stay independent. They aren't going to be bought by anyone.

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FallenAngel198435d ago

What was the point of Insomniac making a big stink about finally owning a AAA IP of their own if they’re not going to do anything else with it

Cohagen42035d ago

It was stupid considering how poor it sold. If an IP doesn't sell then you're not owning anything valuable, they were better off releasing it on PS4 and relinquishing the IP ownership.

Jmanzare35d ago

It sold better than they expected

obidanshinobi34d ago

The game sold over a million boxed copies in the end + digital sales + it was free on GoG so many Xbox owners have played it and many would probably like a sequel, me included.

porkChop35d ago

That wasn't the plan. The first game didn't sell, and so no one wants to fund or publish a sequel. They had previously said they tried to make a sequel happen but it didn't work out.

-Foxtrot34d ago

They contradicted themselves really

If the title was owned by Sony it would be their IP to own

However despite owning it they aren’t doing anything with it

Least being owned by Sony a title could see support and sequels along with where their main fan base is

rainslacker34d ago

They still need to get funding to make something with it. If the games they made had been more successful, then they could probably have done that. But given how their games went commercially it'd be hard to find a publisher willing to take them on. I think even MS may have decided not to let Insomniac make another game with their funding after SSoD didn't do as well as it should. If it struck fire like Insomniacs other games, then I'm sure they'd already be making another SSoD.

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PhoenixUp35d ago

Is Insomniac ever going to make a sequel to that Ratchet & Clank remake

Movefasta199334d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I'd rather have a new ratchet and clank game over another remake... continue Ratchet's story.If you want to play going commando buy the hd collection, it's good and 60fps

MrSec8434d ago

It's probably already in development, given how well the 2016 game sold and how well it rated with both the critics and fans there's no chance Insomniac aren't doing more with the series.

They handled Sunset Overdrive, R&C and Spidey after S.O. released, but kept juggling those three games together at one point, but were in full development on two full sized, AAA games simultaneously.
They were also making a bunch of VR and smaller standard games.

Now they've finished Spiderman and don't have anything else announced in the AAA space they're probably busy with the initial planning for the next Spiderman game and well into Ratchet and Clank 2.

I wouldn't be surprised if R&C 2 is either a 2019 PS4 game or a launch, Cross Gen PS5 and PS4 game Holiday 2019.
Most likely the latter.

deadfrag34d ago

Holiday 2020 maybe,2019 no way!

badz14934d ago

but the development of R&C is in Sony's hand, not Insomniac. they will only make another if Sony ask for it.

darthv7234d ago

considering that game was remade to tie in with the movie, if another movie is to be made then sure... they will do the same thing with the next game.

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