Forza Horizon 4's Xbox One X 60fps mode is the real deal

Playground Games returns with Forza Horizon 4 - and Xbox One X is the lead platform. This time we get a mode for 4K visuals, and a separate performance mode that locks to 60fps. Tom digs in, with an interview featuring the developer's creative director.

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Kribwalker61d ago

Man the end of that article
“The October 2nd release date looms large for Forza Horizon 4 and the outlook right now is it's an improvement in every way. Between the four seasons and two playback options on Xbox One X, there are simply more ways to enjoy the world Playground has created “

Games gonna be nuts

Obscure_Observer61d ago

Impressive! Xbox One X as the lead platform will take new games to a new high!

Blade9261d ago

Oh please. I'll be playing 80fps+ plus on PC.

Shuckylad61d ago

Unless you’re rocking a variable sync monitor like sync I’d rather play at a locked synced 60fps than a fluctuating frame rate even at high fps.

MrKnowledge61d ago

That's amazing, Well done. You must feel great about it. Father have fixed 60fps than frame time issues on uncapped. More FPS isnt always better. More about frame pacing. 60FPS gives you rock solid frametime.

EazyC61d ago

This is a reply to other people - You can usually lock your FPS on most GPU settings (eg AMD, Nvidia cards)

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LightofDarkness61d ago

It's also extremely well optimized for PC. I get 4K/60 with everything turned up to extreme or ultra and 2x MSAA. It's such a difference from the last game.

The game needs to be played at 60FPS and the HDR is wonderful. Definite buy after the demo.

MrKnowledge61d ago

Tried it in 4K and 1080p at 60fps. 1080p is the way to go.

angelsx61d ago

The way to go is 4k HDR Proper

ProjectVulcan61d ago

4K and 60FPS.

PC can do it no problem. Shame you have to choose resolution or frames on console.

MazeRunner61d ago

there's always someone on the comment section mentioning the pc version. either way, MS gets your money. its impressive that they have accomplished this on a console, with more dev kits optimizations and game engine optimizations I'm sure FH5 will be able to play 1440p 60fps on performance mode. but we all know FH5 is for the next-gen consoles :)

CBaoth61d ago

here's what you don't understand - PC gamers who buy MS games don't care that MS gets the money. They care about about higher resolutions, framerates, textures assets, etc....on their platform of choice. It seems to me it's the console fanboys who always get their feathers ruffled when someone posts that.

timotim61d ago

I don't care how you play it...physical, digital, PC, console, Game Pass...I say the more the merrier! It all adds to the same player pool in the end...we are all playing together.

MazeRunner55d ago

not really. pc gamers are incapable of understanding that some gamers just dont like playing on pc. and that a console can bring 4k 30fps or 1080 60 eats them a bit. me personally i own everything so either way i win, always

CarlDechance60d ago

“either way, MS gets your money” shit.

CarlDechance61d ago

I look forward to seeing the PC analysis. I'm hopeful to see this game at full 4K 60 just like with FH3 as the system requirements have not changed.

"So yes, it's a double-edged sword; you do lose the crisp, beautiful image of the 4K mode, but what's gained in responsiveness at 60 feels hard to pass up. Going back to 30fps, the difference is immediately noticeable."

Yep. Always is.

Elit3Nick60d ago

FH4 performs significantly better on PC than FH3 did, some people are benchmarking nearly twice the FPS. I'm getting flawless 60fps at 1440p at ultra/extreme settings on my 1080.

CarlDechance60d ago

Awesome! I’m going to hold off on the demo and get the full version via Game Pass next month.