Game Informer: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

Game Informer: "In many ways, this new 2D riff on Castlevania delivers everything a Belmont fan could want. On the other hand, it's yet another iteration of Symphony of the Night's decade-old design, and the brutally difficult boss battles leave little room for casual players to jump on the Castlevania train.

On this latest quest to stop Dracula from engulfing the world in eternal evil, players guide a young heroine through a series of standalone stages, similarly to the structure of Portrait of Ruin. The leveling, skill progression, fighting, and exploration are exactly as you'd expect, with two exceptions: protagonist Shanoa's unique fighting style, and the occasional punishing boss battle."

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PS360WII3741d ago

"You must memorize and flawlessly execute intricate dodge patterns and counterattacks, in some cases for upwards of five minutes straight to chew through the enemy’s inordinately massive health pool"

Awesome fun :)

Have it and loving it!