Game Informer: Master of the Monsters Lair Review

Game Informer: "It's your goal to design a dungeon that attracts monsters. Some of these creatures seek a place to sleep, while others are looking for a trash heap to raid. You allow these monsters residency solely because you are going to kill them and loot their corpses for food, money, and items. As it turns out, the concept is far more entertaining than any of the gameplay. The dungeon building process offers no depth, and the combat system is a study in turn-based RPG basics. I got a kick out of seeing my characters grow stronger as the game went on. Additionally the story, which includes a talking shovel, offers some laughs. The gameplay just doesn't have enough meat on its bones to back up the concept."

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PS360WII3651d ago

So great concept but poor execution :(

that's one really short review no need to click the link because that's all of it!