Fallout 3 Interview from sat down with Bethesda team to talk about their soon to be released game Fallout 3. Topics include mod tools, downloadable content, future projects and tons of other things regarding the game itself. Here is a tiny tidbit:

3dz: We already know that when Fallout 3 ships it will not contain editor tools. The mod community played an important role in the success of Oblivion and the Elder Scrolls games before that, so it was kind of surprising for us that there won't be any editing tools. What was the reason behind this decision and what are your plans for the future (in terms of mods)?

BT: Well, this is the first time we've shipped a game on three platforms at the same time. So that's a massive undertaking and an incredible amount of work, not to mention all of the different localized versions as well. Mod tools are another "product" for us, another thing we have to finish and make ready for public release and make sure they're well supported. That simply wasn't something we were able to commit to with everything else we were doing. We've never said there won't be any, just that we couldn't commit to having mod tools or when that might be. We'll let folks know if/when we have more information on that.

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