Forza Horizon 4: I Spent Over Four Hours Driving in the Demo writes: "The Forza Horizon 4 demo released yesterday on both Xbox One and Windows 10 and I thought it necessary to play it one last time even though I recently wrote a blog about my experience with it at E3 and PAX. However, what I didn’t expect from the newly released demo is that I would be getting a lot more content."

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Movefasta199361d ago

well duh, that's what you do in a driving game, you drive. That's like saying I spent over 4 hours flying in ace combat lol

FanboltGaming61d ago

Well...yes, lol. My point I was trying to make is the amount of time played for a demo. I was excited about that. Plus, this was written at 2am in the morning. :p

Goldby61d ago

I spent 6 hours in the crew 2 each day. Still didn't end up getting the game

Gahl1k61d ago

Is that much by any means? I played Mount&Blade original demo for 200 hours before finally buying it :P

AAWELLS0961d ago

Some people need everything completely spelled out for them. In other words explain things like you're trying to tell a new born baby.

Goldenhawk52161d ago (Edited 61d ago )

You didn’t read the article at all. This is a demo and he was saying that he was able to spend 4 hours driving around in the open world which is huge for a demo. Most demos would just feature a race or two in an enclosed space, but the demo for this game gives you 3 races in the beginning, then lets you roam around freely in the open world and do what you want for the most part and has no time limit.

Goldby61d ago

The crew 2 had all of that and more races

Movefasta199361d ago

i thought it was a funny title that's all

Kumakai61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

i think youre missing the point. dig a little deeper than the headline.....

I'll help you; Driving for 4 hours in a limited demo means that the game is that fun that you would play a demo for 4 hours just checking everything out and being entertained without access to about 98% of the game even being available.

gyggyg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Your comment is genuinely the most stupid one i've ever come across on this site, I hope the 1993 in your username doesn't reflect the year you were born

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SuperSonic9161d ago

I can spend more than that in any demo.

FanboltGaming61d ago

Haha. Well, that was pretty good for one day at least. I could add more time tonight, and likely will. :)

BLizardXD61d ago

the demo is more than worth looking into it. it's dam fun for sure.