EDGE #324 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI, and more.

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126d ago
Legatus126d ago

Nice score for the Spider-man, but i strongly disagree for the Dragon Quest XI score, that game deserves at least 8, beautiful game in every way.

kevnb126d ago

I think it deserves at least a 10.

SuperSonic91126d ago

Because its not on a Nintendo Switch thats why.

DrStronk126d ago

Overcooked 2 is on the switch, they still gave it a way lower score then it deserves imo.

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ninsigma126d ago

Wow, that score for we happy few! First trailer had me so hyped for it, the premise was so cool. Then it just died which is a shame. Definitely agree with an 8 for spiderman, such a good game, not finished though.

Srhalo126d ago

We Happy Few is a perfect example of trailer vs game.

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IamTylerDurden1126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Not finished? I fail to see how Spider-man deserves less than a 9. The only flaw i witnessed was repeated character models for civilians, which every open world game has.

Visuals - stunning.

Traversal/controls - perhaps the best traversal i have experienced in an open world game

Story - excellent for a comic based game.

Combat - an evolution of the Arkham system featuring wonderful gadgets, exciting verticality, and a myriad of moves. Animations are smooth and dodging is well done.

The setting - the city is fantastically detailed and alive.

The game has run exceptionally well for me and there certainly appears to be ample content.

126d ago
ninsigma126d ago

Maybe when I finish the game my view will be different. It's a fantastic game and I love it, but it does follow a lot of the same open world formula hence the 8 so far.

BehindTheRows125d ago

There is nothing unfinished about Spider-Man.One of the most polished, and complete, experiences this gen, in fact.

ninsigma125d ago

I never said it was unfinished. I'M not finished.

BehindTheRows125d ago

Then you worded it poorly :P

"Definitely agree with an 8 for spiderman, such a good game, not finished though"

That sounds like you're saying that it is an unfinished product.

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Soap_Z126d ago

Dragon Quest XI - 6
This magazine is a joke

Dark_Overlord126d ago

It always has been, I don't understand how it's still going :/

Jdoki126d ago

Many many years ago I used to subscribe to Edge. I'm talking probably 15 years ago or so. At the time they were one of the few mags that seemed to treat gaming seriously.

But as the years rolled on they evolved from being the magazine / site that gave 'hard but fair' reviews using the full 1-10 scale, in to a bunch of pretentious tossers who couldn't tell a good game from bad as their heads were wedged firmly up each others arses.

I'm pretty sure there was a major change of senior staff, as all of sudden 'hard but fair' turned in to 'look at us for being so high brow'. I remember vowing never to read Edge again after a review for Mario Kart (can't recall which version), that was the most wanky piece of self congratulatory pretentious navel gazing I had ever read.

I hate Edge

badz149126d ago

they are huge Nintendo fanboys.

prankster101125d ago

Due to print's ever decreasing influence, and with no website to prop the brand up, Edge is now such a "has-been" publication. Forget about it. It's a dinosaur.

Srhalo126d ago

Yea the DQ score is ridiculously low.

DQXI is basically the epitome of traditional JRPG. All the things we loved from years ago mixed with all the things that have changed over the years.

SuperSonic91126d ago

Is that for the 3DS version?

Jdoki125d ago

Yeah, I think it might well have been actually.

Flewid638125d ago

It's impossible not to like this game?

Never played this series, but if it defies the laws of opinion, I may just have to get it.

obidanshinobi125d ago

Yeah I used to read Edge many years ago until I got sick of their pretentiousness.

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