Article: The Rage Lives On! – A look at the Streets of Rage Series

Craig writes: "The first Streets of Rage was released in August of 1991. This game featured 3 characters, Axel, Blaze and Adam. My favourite was Axel. As the controllers were simple back then, the control system was simple and effective."

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Streets of Rage 2 on the Genesis as one of my favorite all-time games. 1 and 3 were good as well but to was my favorite by far hands down.

Looking forward to the new one they can take my money that's for sure

SmielmaN35d ago

Same here buddy. Loved all but 3 really. Can’t wait for the new one! I hope it stays traditional in gameplay style but much more responsive and some extra moves/weapons

CraigGOA35d ago

SoR 2 was just amazing, a big step up from the first and the music was awesome.

SuperSonic9135d ago

Most awaited game of all time.