Truth behind 360-exclusive TR:U DLC deal revealed

Tomb Raider: Underworld developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed the truth behind the controversial Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content deal that has left PS3 and PC gamers out in the cold.

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aggh im on fire3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Thats fair enough. Sony should have asked them too so Ps3 fans of the series could also have it.

prunchess3743d ago

Let MS pay out millions for additional DLC.

How many of you out there still held onto GTA 4 after you completed it? I didn't. The DLC for GTA isn't going to be available for the PS3 but so what. Most gamers have already traded in their copies of GTA 4 by now. The same will happen with Tomb Raider. I see loads of used copies of GTA 4 for sale (360 and PS3) in games shops here in Ireland. Does anyone think that MS will make their 50 million back from that DLC? Not a chance.

SL1M DADDY3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I am of the mind that I play the retail copy and that is it. I am not interested in content that is tied to my console. I would rather play the retail game and call it good. 60 bucks or in many of the cases for me, rental keeps me from paying for DLC these days.

lowcarb3743d ago

I still have my copy along with many friends on my friendslist. The fact is that we still have an option and people with a PS3 don't plain and simple. It's not up to you to decide how MS spends there money. I'm going to be enjoying the GTA content along with underworld, and fallout3 what about you? You go ahead and sit there like a little sore looser angry because it's not coming to PS3 lol. If it were the other way around this is all we would here about but since it's on the 360 or the superior software console it's an issue go figure. This is going to be a wake up for Sony, and if they want to compete this gen they need to put out some cash. If you guys want to settle for less then stick with PS3, but if you want to experience games that look better and even play better with the help of true online features and just better services then get a 360 and shut it already.

jcfilth3743d ago

Why would Sony do that? they have more than enough games to keep their players happy.
You still don't get it right? Microsoft NEEDS these DLC, they don't have enough exclusives(and I mean good exclusives) to keep everyone entertained. I mean take a look at whats on PS3 right now, besides the third party games, there's Socom, LBP, Motorstorm, Resistance2. They must show some kind of exclusivity to 360 gamers, show them what they're doing with those $50 a year in subscriptions to Live(damn that just made think 360 gamers are paying for all that and more)

rroded3743d ago

hurts gamers too but its the ms way
really the only one that hurts me is the fallout dlc tho Ill get it on pc Expect the mod scene will go nuts with it :D

Man_of_the_year3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

@ rroded
How is this a desperate move? Multi plat games sell better on the 360 plain and simple - and MS is just paying with money they get for our LIVE subscriptions. the only gamers this affects are those who chose not to own a 360.

@ jcfilth
What do you mean MS NEEDS the DLC??? All multi plat games that don't have DLC on them sell just as well on the 360 if not more than on the PS3. Check the attach rate. MS is just giving back to the 360 community from the LIVE subscription....

I love how Sony fans feel things like this unfair - like they should either also have the right for the extra options as the 360 for the content that MS pay for OR that MS is in the wrong to pay for extra content and all developers should say no to the extra money given to them to create the extra content for that console...

It doesn't matter how sony fanboys want to spin it - this is GREAT FOR ALL 360 customers....

barom3743d ago

Microsoft is just trying to keep an edge. We know multiplatform games are pretty much identical on each platform at this point. Next year, PS3 might have a technological edge. Microsoft needs something to keep people to buy games on their platform.

The reason for Sony not to do this is simple. Paying an amount close to 50 million for DLC or build a whole new game? Or even push that money on the more popular studios to make sure they still are one of the best, like Santa Monica Studio (God Of War) or Team ICO (Shadow of The Colossus) or Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo).

Sarcasm3743d ago

GTA IV is pretty old news now and a lot of people are bored with it after beating the single player. However it could work in the DLC's favor because the DLC might actually just spark someone to play it again. I know I am. Especially if it's in San Andreas my blood is going to boil with excitement.

However, it's still unfair to my PS3 brethren. But if they really really really wanted to play all that extra DLC, then I say just buy a 360 and be done with it. Have both systems, so you don't have to worry about "exclusives" this and that.

Why o why3743d ago

you've missed jcfilth's point. MS use dlc as some type of WIN when its really weak if you consider that the original gears cost way less than the gta dlc (alleged). Wouldn't you prefer the option of a new ip over dlc?? be honest. MS needs dlc because they dont have the means to create enough new ip's to sway gamers (count them). Its obvious because they have consistently gone after games that were part of sony and nintendos past and if they've not done that they're paying for timed and dlc. Nothing wrong for their customers dont get me wrong but thats what jcfilth means imo and without dlc what would they have. What have they shown us for 08?

moparful993743d ago

I dont know if you've heard yet but the dlc for gtaiv is only a few new missions.. its not a new island and its not san andreas... all of that was fodder and people guessing at wat the content would be... Microsoft just used the dlc as leverage to get more people to buy the 360 version.. We all knew from the get go that not alot of people are going to buy the dlc it was just a cheap parlor trick to have people under the assumption that they were buying the "superior" version...

prunchess3743d ago

Tell me what do you do with that DLC your left with once you've traded the game in?

There are very few games I would hold onto indefinitly. COD 4 MW is definitly a game I will keep playing, GTA 4 and Tomb Raider do not fall into that catergory.

Posters here can spin this as a fanboy opinion but as far as PS3 or 360 is concerned, I and thousands of others avoid DLC. It's just not worth hanging onto a game for the DLC once you've completed it.

Unless that game is truly unique......

prunchess3743d ago

MS do need DLC. Could the additional DLC fit onto a DVD9? Rockstar had this problem with GTA 4 and this is probably the case with Tomb Raider. HD visuals take up a lot of disk space.

TheFreak3743d ago

omg and who even wants dlc to tomb raider? The game series is so outdated. havnt been a good tomb raider game in many many years. Dlc is also overrated. Pay extra for more of the same game?what? RIP OFF all the way.

Real Gambler3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

"Could the additional DLC fit onto a DVD9?"

I think that's the main point of this story... If this game already fill a dvd, then sure enough, they had no other choice than going DLC. And that's what sad in the first place. Game being limited by hardware should not happen. If there's space in the dvd, then it's only a question of money (still sad, but money talks, and Microsof has a huge wallet).

So sure, they can say that this content was not something removed from original game so it can be given back later as DLC, but if the DVD is full, it just means that the 360 dvd limit the game, and they truly didn't remove content, they just didn't had space for it. If they had tons of media space, it's quite possible that we would not be talking about DLC at all. Those levels may have been included in the original game for both consoles

I would say, don't argue about it. Wait until you find out if the DVD is full (or had enough space for both dlc). If it is full, then the 360 look really bad. If it's not, than Microsoft wallet spoke louder, nothing we can do about. Until then, everything is just speculations.

prowiew3743d ago

Probably will not buy the game, so to me, this is worthless. But lately, it seems microsoft is spending so much money, that makes me think theyre going broke! (of course im exagerating ). Really, Sony need to open their wallets or something. My ps3 is collecting dust. I need more games please!! or something exclusive. I just hope god of war comes soon!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

10+ million people waited 5yrs for GTA IV to drop. Now would't it be logical to assume that at least a few million of that 10+ million will wait 1-3 months for a new GTA experiance? Same thing applies here, the are a lot of Tomb Raider hardcore fans. The games must have some appeal, because they sell millions and they keep making them.

Playstation fans should start worring about this episodic dlc. Because when MS does this they steal more gamers away from Sony. Some people don't buy collections of games like us nerds, they just but 2-3. If that 2-3 are people who love GTA and Tomb Raider... What system are they most likley to buy? one where the play the game and thats it, or the one that expandes the experiance?

dantesparda3743d ago

I feel sorry for anybody who still cares about Tomb Raiders. I mean seriously!? the series is so sucky now. When was the last good game in that series? what the 1st one that ever came out? that's it! And what the hell is going on with MS? it seems as though they are weakening badly. I mean it seems like all they are doing now is DLC and not whole exclusive games. That is a mistake, a big mistake. Mark my words! I prefer to have them both around (MS & Sony) cuz the competition makes them both produce better sh!t, period!

Why o why3743d ago

why would sony be scared if MS spend their loot on stealing,, sorry sharing games that sony have? lol kinda makes the 360 look like a wannabe playstation if you ask me and it definitely justifies their shift towards TRUE exclusives made from 1st and 2nd party devs dont you think? Maybe they were ahead of the game on this one. You need sony's old games just to put up a strong resistance. maybe you should remember that. *lol @ stealing statement by j360* 360 = Mr mee too

prunchess3743d ago

It really depends on how many people download it and what the price is. E.G. If the DLC is priced at $9.99 it would need to sell 5 million units to break even. Has any other developer sold 5 million units of DLC? If not, does anyone know what the the highest number of units shifted on XBL is?

How much would you be willing to pay for this extra DLC?

It's childish to go on with this "Playstation fans should start worring" you only ruin a good thread by getting all emotional about this. Do you really think that the DLC will shift more 360s? We're talking about gamers here getting stung for more content. If MS hadn't pioneered this approach chances are Sony wouldn't be doing it too.

Bioshock PS3 has got exclusive DLC. If it was for sale, I wouldn't pay for it. We're all getting nickeled and dimed mate, why argue in favour of DLC and purchased exclusivity when it's only going to put a dent in YOUR\OUR pockets?

rroded3743d ago

sure ms might b using live money to fund the extra dlc but their still gonna charge us for it. As for it ruining thing for gamers just think about it. I mean now that the standards been set expect devs to have their hands out b4 even thinking about releasing dlc on any console not to mention the temptation to hold back on the games in order to flog dlc...
bad nough were paying 60 bucks for a game already...

calis3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

wrong area

cherrypie3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Exactly, 100% agree.

Microsoft is expanding the value for its customers, new content for its customers, as a Xbox 360 owner, I *want* them to increase the value of my games and console.

Sony and Nintendo can be doing the same thing for its customers -- nothing stopping them at all.

"Paying an amount close to 50 million for DLC or build a whole new game"

Are you people *THAT STUPID*? Do you NOT think that MS could not know this? What you are saying "that ms paid $50M for an expansion" is retarded -- they damn well know they can create whole new games for $50M. What makes you think they paid $50M for DLC? I suspect its becaues of the GTAIV DLC rumours, and yet, you dont know anything about that either. Just fanboy speculation.

cherrypie3742d ago

"[sony] have more than enough games to keep their players happy."

Than whats the issue? Why are the Sony fans here complaining and insulting MS? MS is making extra value available as an optional purchase for its clients -- WHY do SONY fans have such an issue with this? Saying that "sony fans are happy", then to come here and whine, biatch and moan about MS's DLC deals is just retarded. Either they are happy or they are not -- I suggest they are **NOT**, that is why they do all this biatching.

"Microsoft NEEDS these DLC, they don't have enough exclusives(and I mean good exclusives)"

The Xbox 360 library -- both from the perspective of exclusive and mulit-plat games -- is *SUPERIOR* by every relevant measure. You're simply talking nonsense. Goto metacritic, look at the sales. Really, you're ridiculous.

"PS3 right now, besides the third party games, there's;

"Socom" - 5.8/10 - absolute failure.
"LBP" - not "available right now".
"Motorstorm" - 7.8/10.
"Resistance2" - not "avilable right now".


Now, I'll remember your opinion when I'm playing Portal: Still Alive, Fable II (8.9/10), Far Cry 2 in 1080p, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (8.2/10), Castle Crashers (8.2/10), Tales of Vesperia (8.1/10), Braid (9.3) -- or, soon, Gears of War 2 or Left 4 Dead.

I think if Sony was really "keeping their customers happy" -- you all wouldnt be here COMPLAINING about the lack of DLC expansions like Fallout, GTAIV and Tomb Raider.

Oh, is Rock Band 2 out for PS3 yet?

(note, those are metacritic scores)

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Mike134nl3743d ago

Think that it is a very good strategy asking multi platform developers for extra content exclusive to their console. Creating a win win situation for the third party developer and Microsoft.

As long as developers won't abuse this by delivering partial games for a full price.

Developers are strugling making games this gen therefore it won't hurt the industry if Microsft gives them a bag of cash for extra content. Hopefully Sony will folow suit.

lowcarb3743d ago

Sony 1st needs to get over there they will come to us attitude. After that I'm sure things will open up for the console.

ultimolu3743d ago

I'm sorry, but this policy screams bullsh*t.


I believe all games should have equal content on each system, not one system getting content over the other. It's bad business and it's shafting.

ReBurn3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I think that no matter what companies say or do the people who don't have access to the DLC for these games will feel as though they've been cheated.

But I just realized something. It's long been evident that platform exclusivity for third-party titles is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. A new frontier of exclusivity is filling that gap in terms of DLC. A platform owner like Microsoft can go to a developer and tell them that if they will produce additional content for their platform that they can guarantee a dedicated distribution channel (Xbox Live) and a guaranteed stream of revenue. So it begins to become very lucrative for developers.

I think the comment above that Sony needs to get over the "they will come to us" attitude is accurate. Sony has long proclaimed that they will not pay for exclusivity. But payment doesn't have to be cash on the barrel head. Sony has a comparable distribution channel through PSN. If they want to see their platform grow they'll need to invest in getting some third party publishers to start producing more DLC for the PS3 platform. It'll probably take a cash investment to get the ball rolling, but sweetening future deals with revenue-sharing arrangements will probably work out better than what's happening now.

coolfool3743d ago

does this DLC cost a lot?

Man_of_the_year3743d ago

So the people complaining are the ones who chose to support the console that doesn't have the extra "options" of enjoying the complete experience of the game...The only one that cheated you is the brand name you chose to support and that decided not to go out of their way and secure rights to extra content on games.

It's not MS fault cause they want their console to have the extra content on the games for the Xbox - they pay for it. And the benefits come down to the actual gamer - especially the ones who are the biggest fans of the game.

If you are unhappy that the maker of your console doesn't support the gamers by going out of their way to give their customers the extra added value and options then go and buy the other console that does.

simple as that. Stop crying.

pansenbaer3743d ago

People aren't complaining so much as they are just saying they don't care. I honestly can say that I will not buy this game and I never planned on buying it. As for GTA IV, I got way too bored with it. I would never have come back to it regardless of extra content. I am still on the fence about Fallout 3. I have too many games right now as it is and a 100+ hour campaign sounds too darn addicting. I mean, we have no idea what the Fallout content will be, but I know I wouldn't be disappointed when the game is that long to begin with.

jcfilth3743d ago

"So the people complaining are the ones who chose to support the console that doesn't have the extra "options"

Wouldn't it be better to have some extra games? When is all these DLC coming out? 2009 right? you know why? What's good after GeOW2?

Man_of_the_year3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Actually - 1 of the 2 DLC will be out before the end of this year and the second will be early 2009...Well yes if would be nice it MS invested into more 1st party games - i think we can all agree to that - but if they want to use the money to secure extra content on games for their userbase then i see nothing wrong with that either...they are just trying to give more to the people who are fans of the series and are also trying get the edge over the potential buyer who may own both consoles...and i commend them for it.

Lets face it...this game is not going to sell consoles - this is only done to get more copies of the game to sell on the 360 which will entice the Devs to continue to support the 360 for future titles and create good business relationships with Devs.

Cenobia3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

OMFG I wish you could hear ( yourself.

First of all, the complete experience should be on the effing game disk. It's $60 and somehow it isn't a full game? That's what I'm feeling from all these deals. When did we hear about this DLC deal for Tomb Raider? Last month? How the hell are they gonna make a whole new environment with new enemies in like 2 months? I don't think they did.

Second, I don't see how anyone can be satisfied with this strategy. Do you really care about DLC that much? Are you actually willing to pay extra money after you've completed what was allegedly a full game? If they were going to make it, why not put it on the disk. And what if they did? What if MS purchased parts of the actual game instead? They could take an entire level out of the PS3 version instead of making you pay extra for it after. Does that seem fair?

And nobody really cares about TR DLC. We just hate the way MS does business. You should hate it too. You could have had multiple exclusive franchises instead. They could have full blown purchased the game itself and made it exclusive. Instead they got you an inconsequential piece that won't really matter in the long run. Yet somehow you're satisfied. WTF?!

MS is the company that doesn't support gamers. What they are doing isn't good for gaming at all. Do you really want to see Sony step in and start an exclusive DLC war? What would that accomplish? Now every other "multiplatform" game is being split into sections. Some games offer parts to MS while other PARTS OF GAMES are exclusive to Sony. All their money is funneled into fighting against each other for add on content to third party games. Is that really what you want? Not only will exclusives pretty much be dead, but no one will ever know which console will get what. Instead of buying a Playstation for Team Ico, or an xbox for Gears, you're just guessing at who will get the most stuff. AND THEN YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR IT. It's like Mad Max gaming world. The effing apocalypse.

I'd prefer real exclusives. People should buy consoles for the games they want, not which company will throw me the most extras (that you're still paying extra for, just to be clear). MS is throwing that whole logic out of whack (by breaking exclusivity and buying DLC), while failing to bring anything to the table themselves (in the form of first party developers, or original IPs). Wouldn't you rather buy the next xbox for the new Gears, Halo and 10 other franchises that could have been made? What will you get the next xbox for now? The comforting thought that you'll get a whole load of DLC no one else will?

Why o why3743d ago

for EVERY MS DLC sony has an EXCLUSIVE game.....go figure

Man_of_the_year3743d ago

Why should "DLC" content be on the disc? The DLC is purchased by MS who paid the Developers the money so is to give the OPTIONS to the 360 customer that if they want to spend the 200 MS points for the extra DLC then they can...

Your comments are blind and ignorant. Don't try and spin this as why can't the content fit on a DVD9 crap. MS paid for the content and since they are a business will charge for it - again its an OPTION and the die hard fans of the series will purchase it while others will pass on it.

i will try and sum this up for you to understand - THE CUSTOMER HAS THE OPTION TO PAY FOR THE EXTRA CONTENT.

Also going by your rational - you are saying that the PS3 version of the game should be cheaper since the extra content would not be available for the PS3, If the content was on the DVD9 for the 360 to justify the $60 price tag...

I think your fanboyism is blinding you from the realities of the business world - obviously the companies are doing something right if your on here crying about stuff like this.

Cenobia3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

You obviously didn't get my point at all. First of all I never said anything about DVD9. I have no doubt that Tomb Raider will have plenty of space left over on the 360s disc. I was just wondering whether game content was cut from the original version. I don't know when MS "approached" Crystal Dynamics about this deal, but we only heard about it recently. Now they're saying the DLC will have new enemies and environments. It takes a long time to make those things, yet the DLC is somehow going to make it this year. It seems probable that they may have removed some elements from the original game to make it exclusive to the DLC. That may not be true but it isn't really the main point of my post.

I also didn't say the PS3 version should be cheaper. I was attempting to give an example of how far this exclusive DLC thing could go, and apparently you didn't get it. I said "what if MS purchased part of the game instead" to illustrate the extremes of how far this DLC BS could go. Since the real issue is DLC, both games would obviously cost the same. People who actually want the DLC will end up paying more.

You misinterpreted my comment again when you felt the need to tell me it's the users choice to pay. I never said it wasn't, so I'm not sure why you felt the need to tell me that.

I don't see how my comments are "fanboyish" in nature, or how I am blind and ignorant. You have failed to enlighten me to why you think so, but I really didn't expect much. I just find it hard to believe that anyone would support what they are doing when they could be doing so much more with their money. This strategy could also get way out of hand, as I explained above. I see no real benefit to it. If the developers wanted to make DLC they could make more money by doing it on each console.

MS is simply using this strategy so consumers perceive an added value with their console. If they wanted to add real value, they'd be making games instead. I'm not saying the 360 doesn't have good games, I'm just saying they could use more actual exclusives.

Of course, it's pretty evident that you won't change your mind about any of this. You obviously love Microsoft. It also speaks to your character when you feel the need to insult people just because your arguments aren't up to snuff.

Why o why3743d ago

id prefer a new ip over new dlc. For me its a simple choice.

calis3742d ago

man_of_the_year - How exactly is microsoft giving back to the gamers by having extra content? You have to pay for it. It's just more money in Microsofts pocket isn't it?

cherrypie3742d ago

"I believe all games should have equal content on each system"

Why is this? You *have* read that PS3 development is slower and costs more money than Xbox 360 development -- right?

So, MS made an exceptionally productive development environment -- why should Xbox 360 owners suffer because Sony's tools are 3rd rate?

Look at it this way:

Dev A spends $1M on development.

On the Xbox 360, you get 10 hours of content at AAA level.
On the PS3, you get 8 hours of content at AAA level.

Why should the Developer charge the same to both consoles? My console should get more content at a better price, otherwise, Xbox 360 owners are paying for PS3 development.

--- or, what if you *totally* dont agree what I said here --

How about this as a short answer: This is business. You're complaining makes you sound like a child. Dont like the gaming options on the PS3? Then dont buy one.

This is all about money -- both from the producers and us as the customers -- stop pretending like the gaming industry owes you a special favour to make you happy.

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Beast_Master3743d ago

I guess this means Lora doesn't die at the end of this game> No reason to play it now!

blu3print3743d ago

with this. Based on what he said about them not being able to tell the whole story and them being giving the chance to tell pieces more with additional content, what about the other platform holders, don't you feel they would want to know those other bits of story too

lowcarb3743d ago

That's a dumb reason not to agree with this. There's just more to the story with the 360 version now and if you want to experience it just get a 360 plain and simple if you don't have one.

calis3742d ago

No one is going to buy a 360 for Tomb Raider.

DNAgent3743d ago

But Uncharted 2 has been announced so i'll just wait for that game. Plus, the recent Tomb Raider games have been garbage and this game doesn't look like it will be any different.

ultimolu3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I'm loving the first Uncharted.
Uncharted 2 will be just as good.
Never played a Tomb Raider game and I'm not sure I'll even get into this one.

OOG: That's really childish you know? Attacking me just because I have never played a Tomb Raider game before. So what? Aren't there games you have never played before?

Give me a break. -___-

OOG3743d ago

lmao you never played a tomb raider game???? really??? You have to be a child then....or severly sheltered.

creeping judas3743d ago

Tomb Raider games are very similiar to Uncharted. It just Uncharted took what TR had and made it better.A lot better.

TR : Anniversary was a decent game. It took the original TR game and brought it to the current gen game platforms.

And Am I chid if Ive never played a Madden game OOG??

OOG3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Nah if you dont/havnt play madden b4 you most likely hate/dont play sports/football.............


Lmao you really think im attacking you? lol hardly dude I dont know you so that shows your age right....this is a forum for video games I dont know you and I dont care about you I just made an observation...if you get hurt that easy then...well welcome to the real world dude.

But for someone to play a game like uncharted and never have played a single tomb raider game in their entire life is weird.......just shows the age of the person..............cant judge the game until you play it. You owe yourself to go back to ps1 and give them a shot because its one of the biggest franchises of all time an some of the games were actually lots of fun. :P

prunchess3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Couldn't agree with you more on that one. The first Tomb Raider was so good that I played the entire game through German (Kraut mate lent me his copy) and still loved every bit of it. When the camera panned out so you could see that underground pyramid, just wow! And all on a PS1.

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