How To Make A Sequel To The Order: 1886

A sequel to The Order: 1886 could potentially make up for the many, many missed opportunities of the original game.

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lazyboyblue87d ago

Get a massive loan from Russian and Saudi investors. Buy the licence from Sony. Lease an office building. Lease tons of graphic workstations. Employ an army of mixed experienced devs from 'a diverse range of faiths and beliefs. Employ some slave driving 'goal incentive' paid supervisors. Find the original writer and directors and hope the have some new ideas for a follow up. Spend 5 yrs making it. Go with Sony exclusive. Promote the thing to death. Sell a bucket load. Retire to the Bahamas or repeat.

Couldn't be bothered to click the link but I'd imagine this is how you'd make a sequel to the order 1886.