Nintendo Reveals Important Information About Switch Ahead of Online Service Arrival

Make sure the account on your Nintendo Switch is set up correctly before September 18 arrives.

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chris2352086d ago

watched a youtube video yesterday where they explained how this service is tota garbage. sounded very legit what they had to say.

bouzebbal2086d ago

Nintendo is absolute joke, but they are lucky they have lots of fanboys out there ready to buy the console without internet service day one.
Even the WiiU came out with FREE online service when it came out.

ShadowNextGen2086d ago

The Nintendo Switch has had internet service from day one. There has never been a day where the Switch hasn't had an online network. You could go online and download games and even play online against friends with games that had online multiplayer and more. It has been free since launch while Nintendo worked on improving it but they also announced early on that, eventually, it would be a paid service like their competition. It is also a third of the price at $20 for a year.

JunMei2086d ago

Yeah! Damn Nintendo for making a positive change! How DARE they start making attempts to modernize. You know what? They should burn in hell and so should all who enjoy fun and don't enjoy being violated with micro transactions!


Please... find a more productive use of your time.

boing12086d ago

I'm guessing not many will pay for it. Sounds like an afterthought.

Razmiran2086d ago

Ehhh I wouldnt underestimate the amount wanting to play smash and splatoon online

Neonridr2086d ago

it's $2 a month for me in Canada. Pretty sure I would be willing to pay $2 to have access to a bunch of retro titles and the ability to play online for certain titles and have cloud saving for others.

Gh05t2086d ago

Yeah the amount charged is basically throwaway money. If I get anything out of the service it will pay for itself.

Let that not be confused with me being happy with or how this service is being deployed. But at less than a can of Monster per month I can't say the price is what scares me away from the service.

CDbiggen2086d ago

They've handled this terribly.
It's five days from now and we still don't know what to really expect. Sure we're getting this direct, but this knowledge should've been around for months.

InKnight7s2086d ago

Annnnd again Nintendo get a pass for being shady and crap.

DrStronk2086d ago

How are they getting a free pass when literally no one supports this? I will not be paying for this yet... i know that most of my friends won't either. (we'll most likely go in on the family membership when Smash is released though, 35$ divided on 8 people is basicly free).

ShadowNextGen2086d ago

Nothing about this is shady. They are giving advance warning how things will be handled so no one is taken by surprise.

lellkay2086d ago

We still know barley anything. Pathetic.

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ocelot075h ago

Still amazed how well the switch is still selling. The Xbox might as well be taken of store shells.

Scissorman1h ago

Going into this generation I knew that Xbox Series X/S would never outsell the PlayStation 5. But the fact that it's selling worse than the Xbox One, that I would never have guessed.

rakentaja36m ago

Their only system seller is Forza Horizon 5...no wonder, and even that is playable on PC.

Einhander197210m ago

I mean, xbox has been taken off the shelves.

In Europe most retailers only have PlayStation in stores and forget about Asia, in Asia you pretty much only get xbox online. And even in the US many retailers have stopped selling xbox games, to be fair many retailers have stopped selling physical games, but you are way more likely to find PS5 games than xbox games.


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DefenderOfDoom22h ago

Would love to see a sequel to the 7th gen FPS campaign SINGULARITY from RAVEN Software..


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shinoff218323h ago

Been looking forward to this one. Bout to check on a physical release.