Linux powers "cloud" gaming console

"We want to give Linux game developers a chance to make some money," said Samuels.

EVO Smart Console

Currently, the development tools are limited to the tools available normally with Fedora, as well as the Crystal Space platform. However, Samuels says he expects to make additional tools available in the future.

Specifications listed for the EVO Smart Console include:
Processor -- AMD Athlon 64x2 5600 clocked at 2.9GHz

Graphics processor -- ATI HD 3200

Memory -- 2GB DDR2

Display -- supports 1080i and 1080p/HDCP resolution; ATI HD 3200 Chipset

Video codecs -- H.564 VC1; MPEG2

Video output -- DVI; HDMI

Storage -- 120GB or 250GB hard drive, plus online cloud storage (10GB free)

Peripherals -- CD/DVD ROM; biometric scanner

Networking -- 2 x 10/100 Ethernet

USB -- 2 x USB 2.0

Dimensions -- 11.8 x 2.6 x 10,7 inches (300 x 65 x 273mm)

Operating system -- Fedora 8 with option to convert to Linux-based Mirrors Evolution distro; virtualized Windows install optional

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Capt CHAOS3649d ago

On another note. The pandora is a better gaming system (though only a handheld).

Spec seems awesome for it's price. erm.. Why not just buy this cheap setup, stick windoze on it and run normal games? Spec is good enough for that after all.

Good luck to the linux community but until they can manage to actually make money from selling games, it's a dead {crispy} duck. Still, the linux community is finally starting to wake up and this might be the way to give the one-finger-salute to the corporates line Nindendo, Microshite and Phony.

rroded3649d ago

but still if this was out at the same price range as the other next gen consoles it would leave em in the dust providing they can get the games...

Raoh3649d ago

Something like this would shake up the industry.. we would bring back the days of the dreamcast.

Developers could develop and sell their games via their own websites.

gamestop would be finished

RyuStrife3649d ago

Not really, Gamestop would become a Buy-"Used"-games-for -less store, and they will make profit off that. Can't stop them.

CloudsEnd3649d ago

Its like to throw a naked person into the atlantic.

No chance to survive!

Zerodin3648d ago

It's like PSP trying to beat the DS. NEVER gonna happen.

GIJeff3648d ago

what is this supposed to compete with? That graphics card is really really really slow. The processor is OK, but kinda dated, and not even a gaming processor. It'd be a good system for 2d gaming with minor 3d graphics.

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