DICE: "Not Impossible" to See Changes Regarding Battlefield V Gun Upgrade System

If you played the Battlefield V beta, then chances are, you’ve fiddled around with the game’s gun upgrade/configuration system, which is a big departure from past Battlefield games.

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REDGUM62d ago

I have a question, where does one go to leave ideas, thoughts, reviews, opinions etc on the Battlefield 5 beta?
The whole idea I thought of a beta is a show and tell thing really. I like many I presume, have ideas on how to better / tweak the game from my perspective after playing it and have feedback to give but where do I leave it or send it?

I quite enjoyed the beta though the bullet damage needs addressing in my opinion as its way too high / fast for a Battlefield game. It's becoming more of a fast paced action game like COD and is loosing it's identity for mind. 2 or 3 bullets and your're gone seems way too fast for a supposedly TEAM based game!

AnubisG62d ago

You can do that on DICE forums but they won't give a crap.

They already told gamers that if we don't like what they are offering than we shouldn't buy it.

PapaBop62d ago

Fans gave pages upon pages of detailed constructive feedback on the official forums after the initial wave of controversy in the Battlefront 2 beta. DICE/EA gave out a bunch of nice little statements about how they're listening and making the necessary changes but ultimately it lead to the changes having minimal impact on the final product. I can't see this being any different.

WorldGamer62d ago

@AnubisG I think you are conflating the "controversy" of including women in BFV, and the actual gameplay mechanics present in the BETA. They did say that if you don't like the fact that they are trying to be more inclusive, you may not want to buy the game, I don't believe they ever said that regarding feedback on the beta, or any other performance related issue. If you have evidence to back up this stance by DICE, I'm sure everyone here would love for you provide a link or excerpt of an interview.

GrimReaperGamer62d ago

It's also not impossible to see that your pre-order sales are down because you treated former, yes former Battlefield fans like dog shit. It's also not impossible to see that I won't be purchasing BFV this year, but one thing I hope is possible for you guys to see are these 2 middle fingers.

PapaBop62d ago

I'm suffering from a case of Déjà vu, DICE said the exact same thing regarding upgrade criticism after the Battlefront 2 beta and look how that turned out. Not even following the game but gun attachments being considered cosmetic has alarm bells ringing in my head, probably for the best it's not on my radar.

LucasRuinedChildhood62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

The gun upgrade system is currently a disaster.

Myst-Vearn62d ago

Battlefield V is a freaking mess.

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