Spider-Man on the PS4 is a great example of AAA development working at its best

When a big team has time and money to make something they care about

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PhoenixUp88d ago

It’s a complete contrast to how Beenox was given only limited time to produce a different number of Spider-Man games

CarlDechance88d ago

Absolutely. And a big difference in the final product is obvious as well.

ArchangelMike88d ago

Brilliant article from Polygon, if I may say so.

Hardiman88d ago

This game is a dream come true for Spider-Man fans! I've been reading since 88 during McFarlane and Michelinie run on Amazing and after reading Wizard for years and getting all the info and characters from Spidey's history this game is a love letter to fans!

I love all the little tidbits scattered in the backpacks and all the little nods to characters big and small! To top it off the game is extremely fun and I love the characterizations Insomniac has done with this!

88d ago
Abnor_Mal88d ago

I don't know if it's just me or does anyone else see it, but to me it seems Silver Sable was modeled after WWE (?) wrestler Rhonda Rousey.
Also in the game does Silver Sable ever use her throwing chi, if that's the name of them, little things that looked like three pronged combs. Last time I read a comic with her in it or a comic in general was 1990, so my memory is not accurate, but I do remember them being on her belt.

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The story is too old to be commented.