Can 'Call of Duty: Blackout' Be the Next King of Battle Royale?

"Call of Duty: Blackout" is expected to be a "Fortnite" and "PUBG" killer.

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OnlyThoseOnTheFence131d ago

I can think of no better franchise to bring this lame fad to a screeching halt

Unreal01131d ago

Great input bud. A lot of people are enjoying the beta so this "lame fad" will be around a lot longer. Don't get too upset.

Mr_cheese131d ago

We need to rid the industry of negativity like yours Fence.

If you don't like something and that something isn't impacting your life, move on. Don't stick around trying to put a cloud on it for everyone else.

Bring back the positive and constructive conversations and get rid of this BS.

UltraNova131d ago

Yeah good luck with that...

As for Blackout "dethroning" PUBG, how is a yearly release game going to dethrone a game that is supported(I know I know bare with me here) year on year? To my knowledge BO is not a standalone release. So are we going to have to buy another COD BR game next year? What if PUBG gets optimized and establishes a regular content update schedule by then?

Lots and lots of questions = lots and lots of uncertainty...

And then we have Battlefield's BR and who knows how good will that be (and maybe even standalone?)

Personally I think If Bluehole gets their shit together and fixes the damn game while providing exciting content and release on Ps4 the have nothing to be worried by COD. Until then the truth is that COD BR is good enough to put then on notice.

Artemidorus131d ago

It's his opinion, if you don't like it then stop reading and leave yourself.

rainslacker130d ago

Why does it have to come to a stop? There are what? 2 games that use it. a few coming out which will have a mode for it? It's been around for about a year, but it's overdone?

Why do you have a problem with the new thing?

I remember when people were saying that Horde mode was overdone. Then within a short period of time, people were excited if it was included, and upset if it wasn't.

Is BR really taking away from anything else that you've come to expect from these games?

Razmiran131d ago

The beta is actually really good
But no, the price point will not allow that to happen

porkChop131d ago

COD regularly gets 15-20+ million sales every year. Everyone buys COD anyway, even without a BR mode. The price point won't have any impact on the success of the Blackout mode. If anything, the BR craze might even increase sales of COD due to Blackout existing.

Razmiran131d ago

Thats true, but somehow I doubt it will have the same concurrent playerbase
It wouldnt be crazy tho, its really fun. It all depends also on the rate updates come out, fortnite gets updated all the time and that helps keep it fresh

DVAcme131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I saw last night a video one of my friends posted of him playing Fortnite with a couple of buds. They made an elevated obstacled race course and were just driving around on it in golf carts

COD is NOT beating that.

Antnee534131d ago

Because its tied to call of duty it wont. If they released this as a stand alone it could

Jmanzare131d ago

It just needs to be free and we know that's not happening

sKiiTs8131d ago

If this was released free itd be HUGE, but we know Activi$ion won't do that

Segata131d ago

Free and on every single system out there.

ravinash131d ago

If they ran it like fortnite, then it could be huge... plus Activi$ion could get their money via the micro transactions the same as fortnite.
Keeping is separate from the main COD so it could keep going after the year mean they wouldn't even need to keep creating games.
Sounds right up Activisions street.

joab777131d ago

For awhile it will be. But ppl have so much time and money invested in Fortnite that it’s attachment rate is very high. That and Fortnite is still free.

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The story is too old to be commented.