Remember Alan Wake? He's Back, Not On Another Game, But On a TV Show

Alan Wake, a video game that was released in 2010 who is considered as one of the greatest game in the past, is getting its own TV show. As reported, Peter Calloway has signed on as the showrunner and writer of the Alan Wake production.

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Snookies12161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

"Alan Wake, a video game that was released in 2010 who is considered as one of the greatest game in the past."

Uh, what? Does anyone consider Alan Wake one of the best games? I mean, it was good, but nowhere near that level of praise.

Neonridr161d ago

I do, was one of my favorite 360 games. The writing was top notch. Had that sort of Twin Peaks / Stephen King sort of vibe to it. I was so engrossed in that story while playing it through. Loved the way they made each "chapter" like an episode of a TV show complete with cutscenes that started out "Previously on Alan Wake.. "

TekoIie160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Yup the way they you'd find a page and then you'd see events unfold infront of you as the page says was a very cool way of intertwining the story with the gameplay. I just wish it had gotten a proper sequel and not the arcade one. Wasn't a bad successor but it wasn't what the series deserved but I think a lot of money was lost on Alan Wake due to it being open world at one point.

It's a shame that we won't get a sequel any time soon. One of those examples of what MS is getting wrong these days. They're not willing to put the money to a project unless its a huge success. They need to accept you can't strike gold every time but that a game like this when coupled with their big guns (halo, Gears ect) is easily capable of selling systems.

JavaRice161d ago

You mean the greatest game for hunting down batteries? :D

annoyedgamer161d ago

Yes it was one of the best. It excelled in every category. Story, game-play, innovation, sound, and graphics.

ProjectVulcan160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Ran at one of the lowest resolutions of any console game from that generation. I believe native res was just 960 x 540, which put it much closer to the resolution of a PS2 era game than a standard 1280 x 720 X360 one!

A 480p PS2 game is 307k pixels, Alan Wake was 518k pixels and a standard 720p game is 921k pixels.

It really didn't look that good to my eyes, way too vaseline soft and blurry. The PC version looked reasonably nice though and ran well.

TedCruzsTaint161d ago

Easily one of my favorite games of last generation. Don't speak for everyone. That series has personality and atmosphere on the level that most games dream of.

monkey602161d ago

I adored Alan Wake. It was an incredible game. Still one of my favourites

Skywalker333161d ago

yep me too, easily in the top 10 of the previous generation.
its writing and atmosphere is phenomenal and sparked long long discussions for weeks and months for me and my friends.
wonderful game, just wonderful.

JasmineSwift161d ago

For me its one of the best games during that year. I love the story line of the game, unlike the story line that most of the games have right now.

LgbtWarrior161d ago

Actually yes. It's very good.

gamer7804160d ago

one of my favorite games of that generation, that said was really hoping for another game , I hope the tv show doesn't replace that.

mcstorm160d ago

Looks like it was a fan favourite. For me the best game if last gen on the Xbox and for me across all 3 was Forza horizon but Alan wake was in my top 5 games of last gen. Amazing game and I want to see an AW2 but tv series could also be amazing to.

CrimsonWing69160d ago

I do, in fact it's one of my all time favorite games. The blending of narrative into gameplay was pretty much unlike any game before it.

gangsta_red160d ago

Agreed, I love the premise and the style but gameplay wise it got way too boring and monotonous.

kreate159d ago

Yea I like Alan wake. The DLC side story was good too.

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-Foxtrot161d ago

Here we go...they could easily just adapt and expand on the games but they will change things for the sake of it.

SickSinceSix161d ago

Remember when Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne got adapted into a movie in 2008? Probably one of the worst video game to movie adaptions, which are notoriously bad to begin with.

RabbitFly161d ago

Max Payne was horrible. However this has a good writer and Sam Lake is an executive producer. Hopefully that means his work will be respected.

SickSinceSix160d ago

They should have got Sam Lake to play as Max Payne in the movie, for obvious reasons.
Having a writer from FX's Legion should be interesting but I'm guessing the shows 2 to 3 years away from even coming out.

RabbitFly160d ago

Sam Lake is not an actor. He probably wouldn't even want to play him.

He also sounds nothing like Max Payne.

They only used his likeness for him Max Payne 1, because it was cheaper.

VsAssassin161d ago

I see MS is still about that "TV TV TV" thing. I kid, I kid LOL.

Imortus_san160d ago

Great game, a remaster or continuation should have already happened, but I guess that after the bad reception of Qauntum Break, they got cold feet.

TekoIie160d ago

Its one of those games that was close to beinging in development hell. It was originally a sandbox game but was eventually made into a more linear game so it's safe to say a lot of money was blown on it.

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