Battlefield V Respawn Time Changes Confirmed

While MP1st already reported that DICE has said that the max ammo capacity and starting ammo count in Battlefield V will be tweaked based on feedback from the recently concluded beta, it seems another controversial issue will be changed as well.

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Wuket33d ago

Where's all the vehicles though?

Majin-vegeta33d ago

Go look at the map list and you'll see

jmc888832d ago

People are aware of that. The simple fact is, there aren't many even when you go to the map and select them. Of what you get, 1/2 are basically useless. More like an armored vehicle with a machine gun.

WW2 had some huge tank battles and so I wonder why the vehicle count is pretty ridiculously low.

On some maps, they need to have like 6-8 tanks for each faction.

BF4 had maps with multiple versions of tanks, while also having bradleys, aa tank, ATVs, jet skis, one or two types of helicopters, and even jets.

WW2 had the biggest tank battles in history and BFV should reflect that. Hopefully, in some maps they do.

Deathdeliverer33d ago

I’m a huge battlefield fan and it’s my FPS of choice.... until this battlefield and the one before it. I simply didn’t have the fun I had in battlefield 4 and the games before it. This latest battlefield, from the beta, was just severely lacking somewhere for me. Spawns (getting looked at) were wayyy too long and cooled off the action too much and off you went to a highly contested area you spend far more time waiting than playing.