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Anthony Nash of The Koalition writes: When you’re the big dog on the block, it’s tough to consistently find ways to change. Games in the NHL and Madden NFL series are often accused of rarely progressing, and with so few games to compete with, it’s not hard to see why they don’t. The NBA 2K series has long been the only NBA basketball simulator that fans could flock to, but after last year’s constant complaints regarding the pay-to-win model of the game and the NBA Live series making a comeback, the franchise finds itself in turmoil for the first time in a long time. Can it bounce back and continue its reign as the king of hoops games with NBA 2K19? It’s complicated.

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rbailey34d ago

I've been playing this game since Friday and I agree with pretty much everything said in this review. The VC system is by far the worst thing about this game and the MyGM story mode also seems confusing and short much like MyCareer. Hopefully in the future 2K will actually listen to feedback from the fans and improve the series but as long as it keeps selling they won't do anything to change the formula.

jukins34d ago

Only fan they're listening to is the ones who buy VC. Still gonna play year