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Hayato is a reporter for The Occult, a newspaper that focuses on all things paranormal, as well as (of course) gossip. Recently, there are reports of suicides at train stations throughout the area, so Hayato is sent to investigate. While there, a dark figure pushes Hayato into the path of a train, but he is saved by a mysterious woman, who gives him a locked case. When he returns to the office, Hayato meets Lua, a person claiming to be an angel. She is looking for her sister, and was sent to the mortal realm to assist Hayato, who is apparently the Chosen One. The two manage to open the case, which contains the Gangour, an ancient weapon capable of trapping demons. Soon, the Gangour’s power is demonstrated when a monster attacks the pair, who they are able to capture. Now, Hayato and Lua must journey around Japan, solving cases that often cause them to stumble upon the agents of evil.

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TGG_overlord132d ago

Imo, the game seems to be pretty "Meh"...

132d ago
Segata132d ago

Enjoyed the game and weird to think this is a sequel to El Shaddai.

BootHammer132d ago

Has some unique aspects and sounds pretty solid overall. It might need a sale or price drop to move enough units to be a success though.