Games32: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

Games32 writes: "Every year about this time, we can all witness the competition between the two most popular football-based (US note: read soccer) computer games on the planet: Pro Evolution Soccer, developed by Konami; and FIFA, developed by our friends at EA.

This year seems to be a particularly good year for the latter, and FIFA 09 got some much needed attention in a lot of areas, including graphics, controls and AI - all of which you can read more about in my previous review. But what could Pro Evolution Soccer bring to the table this year? Let's find out!

Well, because I like you, you don't like me and you've been patient enough to read my FIFA 09 review as well as the two reviews from the past year, I'm going to start this one with a shocking statement: this year, it's FIFA's turn to wear the crown as the most complete and to date football video game."

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