Firing Squad: ATI Radeon HD 4830 Performance Preview

Firing Squad writes: "Since successfully launching their RV770 family of Radeon 4850/4870 cards earlier this summer, ATI has been slowly filling in gaps in their overall product lineup. At the ultra high-end of the GPU market ATI has their flagship Radeon 4870 X2, a graphics card which is universally acknowledged to be the fastest in the world. As its name implies, the 4870 X2 fuses two Radeon 4870 1GB GPUs together onto one card and is priced in the $500+ range.

On the opposite end of the graphics spectrum is the Radeon 4670. This card features just 320 shaders (less than half that in a Radeon 4870) and a narrower 128-bit memory interface, but with its sub-$80 price tag it delivers very good 3D graphics performance for the money as long as you're willing to compromise a little on the graphics settings (4xAA is doable in most games as long as you're willing to turn down some of the game's graphics settings)."

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