GameSpot: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

GameSpot writes: "Although Pro Evolution Soccer fans bought last year's game in droves, it was unfortunately an all-time low for the series on the PlayStation 3. Poor graphics, dreadful presentation, and basic online play failed to make the most of the hardware, and it was a step back in gameplay terms. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 doesn't completely redress the balance, but it's a step in the right direction, with new game modes, an improved editor, and even a Champions League licence. Additionally, this is a more enjoyable game to play thanks to its slower pace, more responsive control system, and simple passing mechanic. Unfortunately these are only small fixes, and though there's a solid game at the core, it's one that still fails to keep up with the times."

The Good

* Simple, easy-to-pick-up gameplay
* Champions League license with official teams and sponsors
* New four-player online mode

The Bad

* Lack of improvement to core gameplay
* Dated animation system looks stilted
* Impoverished and laggy online play
* Poor presentation and commentary

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SageFrancis3646d ago

The presentation is a big improvement over previous years, but I agree with what else was said. Suprised they didn't comment on how good the players look, this year the graphics are a lot better.

I have it on the PC but Im unsure whether to buy it for PS3, or get FIFA instead, which seems to be better than pro evo this year.

bomboclaat_gamer3646d ago

this fifa is the only fifa i liked out of all the years. trust me when i say get fifa. i never thought i would be saying that lol. fifa is damn good