The PS4 Needs A Great FPS Exclusive

After almost half a decade, the PS4 only has one exclusive FPS game and it was a launch title. Why is that?

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DarkVoyager740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

This is why I want Insomniac Games to bring back Resistance.

1-pwnsause-1740d ago

If they come back to resistance though it has to have the best of resistance though, like the story of resistance 3 with the multiplayer of resistance 1, don’t copy cat other FPS like cod though, that ruined the franchise...

Cupid_Viper_3740d ago

The PS4 just released a great Fps shooter called Firewall Zero Hour. There's nothing else like it out there on any other consoles. Check out some gameplay if you haven't seen it in action before.
I have stopped playing bf1 because it's hard to back to the flat screen after experiencing the level of immersion you get l with this game repudiation with the Aim Controller.

And to echo some of the others on here, plenty of other companies are putting out FPS games on a yearly basis, so it makes business sense for Sony to divert their focus elsewhere.

Kingthrash360740d ago

Like cupid said...firewall is insane about we make an article like this for a console that truly needs games period?

BiggerBoss740d ago

I completely disagree with all of this. Sony does NOT need a great FPS series. They need to focus on rpg and story games.

They had great FPS games last gen, and all people did was hate on them compared to Halo. (Look at Resistance, Killzone, MAG, etc.).

Sony had great FPS games last gen, but they received hate from reviewers because they weren't Halo.

Now, Sony has marketing for CoD and Destiny, and are focusing their efforts on making rpg and story games.

I feel like this is a much better way to go about things. And I think the game sales support my thinking.

candystop740d ago

Cupid.....Is that a VR game? Looks really immersive!

indysurfn740d ago

Let me play opposite. Xbox one needs a great 1st person shooter! What do they have? Halo is junk this Gen gears of war is 3rd person what is good on xbox is 3rd party 1st person games and they are on ps4 with extra dlc. I see xbox as needing it, for one they don't have it. and two they are the ones FAR behind in sales and need a advantage.

Sayai jin740d ago

@Indysurfin, Gears of War has always been 3rd person. Smh. This article has nothing to do with MS or sales.

On topic, adding a a stellar first person shooter old only add to an amazing line that Sony has. Great story telling games, RPGs, 1st PS, etc can all coexist.

bouzebbal739d ago

KZ is amazing.. the last one was below KZ2 and KZ3 in terms of quality but Sony does have a great FPS series.
And yes, Resistance could also be good for intern competition bewteen insomniac and GG to keep the level high like on the PS3.

kreate739d ago

MP of R1 was good. But MP of R2 was superb w all those co-op missions.

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I_am_Batman740d ago

Came here to say exactly this. Sadly it seems unlikely seeing that Spider-man is such a success and Insomniac has expressed interest in creating more marvel games. The team is big though and they've managed to work on multiple projects in the past so there is still some hope left.

740d ago
pwnmaster3000740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Yoo the first resistance mulitplayer was the shit man. I especially loved it when they put it in 1 hit kill. Such good times.
Off topic Im also really excited for the last of us 2 multiplayer.

badz149740d ago

there is still nothing like TLoU MP out there. the experience is unique and it's freakin intense! it's overshadowed by its own excellent campaign which is kinda ironic. almost 5 years into this gen and nothing else has come close to match it.

hiawa23740d ago

I would settle for Resistance 1 2 3 remastered.

neutralgamer1992740d ago

Sony's thinking is simple why try to compete with other AAA FPS from 3rd party publishers. There are enough FPS games released yearly so they stick with what they do best make excellent games

Killzone 2 was the best MP experience I have had along with resistance 2's 8 player co-op

CorndogBurglar740d ago

Glad to know that we can always come to you if we ever need to know what Sony is thinking.

jznrpg740d ago

@Corndog it is his opinion on their thinking , that’s what comment sections are for . I agree that is their general thinking but I do believe they will produce a shooter at some point when they are brought the right presentation by one of their devs or 2nd party.

sinspirit740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

I want Insomniac and Guerilla to partner and put the best of their FPS minds together.

I also wish for Guerilla to do a fantasy RPG like Elder Scrolls. I feel like they're up for it. Possibly partner with some creative minds from Sony Santa Monica

FallenAngel1984740d ago

The series ended on a good note. I don’t want them to make the series that much bleaker and take away the well earned bittersweet ending of R3 by making another one

generic-user-name740d ago

They already have one. It's called Firewall Zero Hour and it's one of, if not the, best games of the year. But nobody knows about it because main stream gaming media won't cover PSVR games unless they have something negative to say about it.

Seriously, Firewall is an actual evolution of the genre.

joab777740d ago

Yes yes yes!!!!

But I believe that if Sony thought it was that important, they would. That said, this is why they have Exclusive deals w Activision for CoD and Destiny!

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ArchangelMike740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Great article; but I think 'need' is too strong a word to apply.

As is pointed out, Sony and the PS4 have exceeded expectations precisely because they didn't box themselves into the "bro-gamer" corner with only shooters and racers. The diversity of great AAA games is the consoles greatest strength - and it's not because they are primarily third person open world games; it is because they are great AAA games full stop. Sony isn't specifying the genre; but they are specifying the quality of the product - regardless of the genre.

Anyway to the point of the article, there are many devs out there that have already saturated the market with first person shooters; which will all come to the PS4 anyway, so there's no real "need" for Sony to spend resources there.

But, I would love to see the likes of Killzone and Resistance make a comeback. It's not a "need" or a must, but it's more of a wistful wish.

Crazyglues740d ago

@ ArchangelMike

Yes I will agree with that, Sony has indeed focused on making a diversity of great AAA games, which is a really smart move... A really good game for all types of gamers.... So it's not that they can't do a FPS, they probably will, but only if it's going to be a top of the line Triple A shooter...

Which is the best thing ever, Really good games at the end of the day, are always the way to go.... Having your first party dev's go hard on Triple A games is a win win, win... God Of War was so amazing that I could not be happier, made me love my PS4 Pro, not that I didn't already but I really love it now, Getting to play games like this is why you pick a system in the first place, your hoping to get some amazing games.

God Of War was just too awesome for words, and Now The Last Of Us II is looking like it's going to set 2019 on fire... I can't wait..
Sony has indeed made the right moves Really amazing Triple A titles win a gamers heart every day of the week...

UltraNova740d ago

Totally agree, dont forget Spiderman though another stellar entry in the PS4 staple of great exclusives.

As for a shooter, I think we have more than enough and Sony knows this so I understand their reluctance. That said I'm sure they are planning one for next gen.

crazyCoconuts740d ago

Agreed. Given all the third party shooters I wonder if the bigger gap is in the open world racing (Forza horizon) genre. Dunno, I don't really go for those games, but it seems popular and doesn't seem to have many third party contenders that are really good. Would be hard to dethrone Playground though, and honestly I'D rather have a shooter, but hey

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PapaBop740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Beat me to it. Sony is smart and they saw that there is more than enough third party shooters, grab a timed exclusive deal for the DLC and associate the PS brand with the big ones and then focus on developing games that helps to round off and diversify the PS lineup. The sales figures speak for themselves on just how successful it's been.

LordJamar740d ago

Racers are now a bro game?

chiefJohn117740d ago

Lol just let them be enjoy the laugh 😆

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TyrellCorp740d ago

Yeah I guess there’s an FPS shaped hole in the Sony exclusive lineup but the FPS genre is more than well represented on the PlayStation. Honestly the FPS style games I’d like to see from Sony I get my fix from Bethesda mostly, with games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Prey, and soon Rage 2. The new Metro looks amazing as well

TheGamez100740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Itd be awesome if they brought out a new resistance, make a proper nonrushed killzone game or even MAG 2. A new ip would be very interesting. They definitely have single player down but.... multiplayers not their strong suit, something I wish sony exclusives would do amazing at someday, well not saying that it'd have to have multiplayer but its kinda the norm to have the mode for fps games.
But sonys doing great at what theyre doing atm so there isnt really a "need" for one.

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