Sorry, Halo 5 is still not coming to Windows PCs

Analysis: It's time for Master Chief to return to Windows, but it sounds like Halo 5 won't be first out of the gate.

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2pacalypsenow130d ago

Didnt MS day that all their future 1st party games would be Windows 10 and Xbox?

DarkVoyager130d ago

You have to have at least one Xbox exclusive to sell consoles. Lol

Concertoine130d ago

Not really. The first two Halo’s were on PC, and they are the definition of system sellers.

chiefJohn117130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

concertoine is right. Halo CE on PC sold me an Xbox 360. I instantly went out to get halo 3. I pee'd off halo 2 was Vista only. A console gamer is a console gamer and will only settle for PC for a limited time (till he can afford the lastest console lol) I'd rather have a gaming laptop over a gaming PC. (Portability) if I'm gonna go the PC and console route like some many of you claim

CarlDechance130d ago

"A console gamer is a console gamer and will only settle for PC for a limited time"

lol....speaking of yourself in the third person? I go back between PS4 and Windows 10 all the time. Depends on the games that are out and with PS4 and PC, I get access to a heck of more than just console alone. Settling? lol...good one.

starchild130d ago

Well, from what I've seen, most PC gamers are like me and do the majority of their gaming on their PCs. Consoles, if they have one, are used to play the handful of exclusives that interest them. PC gamers by and large are not buying into console ecosystems in a significant way. So it seems to me that the opportunity to reach millions of PC gamers with every exclusive outweighs the advantage of selling consoles to a smaller number of PC gamers that won't use them for anything but a handful of exclusives anyway.

CarlDechance130d ago


Exactly. Only reason I have PS4 is for exclusives. Everything else is on PC.

darthv72130d ago

Their Play anywhere program didnt go into effect until the following year from when halo 5 released. It's pretty obvious that they arent interested in going back and bringing previous games forward into that program.

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CarlDechance130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Yes, they did.

“Every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere and will be easily accessible in the Windows Store.”

crazyCoconuts130d ago

There's no real evidence they're backing down from that commitment going forward. Only time will tell, but so far they've been true to their word on this.

CarlDechance130d ago (Edited 130d ago )


Actually, there is.


But you right they have kept their original word on this up to this point so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

darthv72130d ago

Halo 5 came out in Oct of 2015, they didnt make that statement until July of 2016. And so far they have been making good on that going forward from that date. Considering Halo 5 is older then it's safe to say it was not part of the deal.

annoyedgamer130d ago

Halo 6 is, I read that somewhere.

notachance130d ago

I don't think many PC-only gamers would be interested in jumping straight to the 6th title though

MS needs to release Halo:MCC and Halo:5 on PC first.

Unreal01130d ago

I'm looking forward to picking up Halo 6 on PC. Now I have absolutely no need to get an Xbox One.

lollord130d ago

That was after halo 5 though, around forza horion 3 and gears 4. A year or so before the play anywhere thing.

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deadfrag130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Microsoft really needs games exclusive to Xbox console if they actually want people to buy Xbox systems they have made the Wrong choise of going Play anywhere between W10 and Xbox and that is the truth sadly.Xbox appeal will be very limited next generation just like this generation because of the lack of true Xbox console exclusives the Xbox ecosystem will shrink and die further sadly.

Gunstar75130d ago

They make their money from services and software. The PC gaming market is massive, why wouldn't they tap into it.

I'll always be a console gamer.

nowitzki2004130d ago

"I'll always be a console gamer"

I used to say that as well.

Gunstar75130d ago

I'm 43. Not gonna change my ways now.

yomfweeee130d ago

Because when a game sells on a console, the manufacturer gets a slice of every single thing. That is why it is important to offer a console where you can get games from no where else.

Microsoft may get money selling their own titles on PC, but if they lose console sales in the process... it will hurt them more. They do not get a slice of any PC game sales unless it is through their terrible little store (or their own games).

CarlDechance130d ago

"I'm 43. Not gonna change my ways now."

I'm 47. Come on, man. Change ain't that hard yet, is it? ;-)

"They do not get a slice of any PC game sales unless it is through their terrible little store (or their own games). "

Their store is not terrible and their own games are what we are talking about.

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GameBoyColor130d ago

Looks like they finally figured out that exclusives matter lol

KwietStorm130d ago

It's not like it's moving thousands of Xboxes. Why don't they just help themselves out.

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