TeamXbox: Shaun White Snowboarding Hands-On

TeamXbox writes: "Snowboarding has been a staple of console video games for quite some time now, going way back to Cool Boarders on the PlayStation and including such games as the superb SSX series from EA and the criminally underappreciated Amped 3 which launched with the Xbox 360. Most of those games have taken a more extreme-style approach to the sport, which is only appropriate. Real snowboarding is hard, in fact, and pulling off 30 foot air is something better left to professionals.

Like Shaun White. The Olympic Gold Medalist whose dual prowess in skateboarding and snowboarding has earned him his very own videogame, courtesy of Ubisoft. As you probably know by now it's powered by the Assassin's Creed engine, and features real-world mountains rendered in great detail and featuring breath-taking scenic vistas that are made capable by some really powerful draw distance. In other words, the game is pretty."

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