Spider-Man is the same video game we've been playing for a decade

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does what every other video game can.

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AspiringProGenji61d ago

No shit bro! What Game with RPG elements does not have a skill tree? What is wrong with spiderman being an open world game? You sure can say the same thing about every game we have been playing for a decade as well, but let’s do it with the latest successful PS4 exclusives. That brings more clicks 🤷🏻‍♂️

The anti-spiderman like you called it also borrowed from other games as well. Also seriously, Anti spiderman? This guy seems to have a problem with this game’s success

shuvam0961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

How dare you...
With so many games already, we ought to see changes...
Spidey should be using guns...
Spidey should be flying...
Spidey should be able to take down buildings...

What they ignore is that fact that inspite of so many games, none seemed to be able to nail the perfect Spidey game...
Now that we're closest to one, they sill be cribbing...
Isn't CNET good enough to earn clicks without clickbaits???

GTgamer61d ago

Can't wait for tomorrow's article I cant see it now "Spiderman swings too much" but this truly is hilarious

Obelisk9261d ago

Why is everyone still celebrating BotW THAT much? Ok, it doesn't track collectibles andd and gives a reason to search for them. I agree that's a good thing, but that's it.

It also has goddamn towers to discover the map, which is kind of ubisoft-ish.

Making an innovative game is HARD and very risky, and major AAA games never tend to risk, people should get over this.

The last big, real innovative game we got was Dark Souls, and I fear we ain't gonna see another one anytime soon.

salmonade61d ago

@ generic-user-name... it's Demon's Souls you filthy casual

Obelisk9261d ago

@generic Demon's Souls sure was the original idea, but didn't really accomplish what Dark Souls did with its branching open world

princejb13461d ago

i found the last of us more interesting and innovative...just saying

Srhalo61d ago

To be fair guys... Demon Souls was a modernized Kings Field.

TomatoDragon61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Sorry, but Demons Souls. Dark did things Demons didn’t, but Demons also did things Dark didn’t. Like being able to play as the boss in another characters game. Demons had better multiplayer because of dedicated servers. Had true stealth builds. World tendency that would adjust the difficulty depending on online specifications, and also your actions.
It was the cult following that Demons created that allowed Dark to exist. Sorry...but that’s just the way it is.

Obelisk9261d ago

@princejb134: It's a matter of opinions. You have to admit DS was way more influential though.

@TomatoDragon: I'm not saying Demon's wasn't a good game or it wasn't innovative. I'm just saying Dark was more important to modern gaming due to some designs and mechanics which became standards. But yeah, Demon's came first and it really triggered the most important transformation in modern gaming.

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ShinRon61d ago

he didnt say anything was wrong with the individual elements but just that all of the latest sony AAA releases have been following a similar formula.


xX-oldboy-Xx61d ago

Show me a game that truly innovates, doesn't borrow elements from another game in anyway.

I'm patient take your time.

VTKC61d ago

he has a problem is maybe because its a sony exclusive.

IamTylerDurden161d ago

What type of innovation do they want? Spider-man is a great game with excellent gameplay, beautiful graphics, and phenomenal attention to detail. What more do they want?

PurpHerbison61d ago

Can we take a moment to discuss the lost opportunity with the generic skill trees by not making them skill WEBS!?

AspiringProGenji61d ago

Missed opportunity right there as well

Atanasrikard61d ago

Why does Spider-Man have a skill tree though? Is this Spidey's origin story? I haven't played it so I don't know but I say the same thing about Lara Croft, after the first game. Why does she need to suddenly relearn all of the skills she had before? It makes no sense to put it in just to add something to the game.

joab77761d ago

While I am very happy with Spider-Man, it does suffer from the Infamous issue of having an open world that doesn’t take full advantage like a CDPR game would. It’s fine, as the story is good, the skills are great and the outfits are amazing. I love the dynamic crime and events too.

Overall, I am very happy. But, in a perfect world, it would have more side quests in the open world, or moved the needle by adding more dynamic gameplay theat effects the open world. But 90% of games this gen hasn’t moved the needle in this regard.

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Snookies1261d ago

Really hurting for those page views, aren't you? Nothing to see here.

alexgibson61d ago

Look, it's fine to not agree with the opinion but don't start that crap, lol.

I'm enjoying Spider-Man but there's no question it's a generic design. Fun, beautiful, and an intereting story, but very familiar --and it's ok to talk about that.

CarlDechance61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Uh....pretty sure he can "start that crap" all he wants. If you think sites don't try and take advantage of popular games by throwing shade and getting some cheap clicks then you are very naïve. Either way, you don't get to make the call what is "ok to talk about".

alexgibson61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I'm confused, isn't that what you're doing though? I just said it's ok to talk about a game being fun, beautiful, interesting but very familiar without fanboys jumping down their throat saying it's for clicks.

You're literally guilty of what you're accusing me of doing, despite the fact that I didn't do that. I think abusing a site for clickbaiting (when it's the complete opposite of clickbait - topic stated in title) because you don't agree with the opinion is juvenile and silly and should absolutely be called out.

CarlDechance61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Well, you certainly are confused because no, I didn't say what you could or could not discuss at all, now did I? Nope. Not once.

And just stop with the bullshit "juvenile and silly" nonsense when you write for twinfinite and will spread out a list of 30 games or items across 30 different pages. Yeah, Alex. Tell me how "juvenile" people are being for calling out clickbait bullshit when your site is among the worst for doing just that.

alexgibson61d ago

The definition of clickbait is sensationalizing a title that doesn't match the content for the purposes of having people click-into the site. That is not what this is and that is not what Twinfinite does.

I'm calling you out for not allowing authors to write their own opinion and add some nuance to the conversation. I get it, you love Spider-Man and you don't want bad words said against it. I call that juvenile, but I have high standards.

CarlDechance61d ago

The definition of clickbait is "content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page." This article is doing just that. Hell, the title would have been more accurate if it matched its conclusion: "Why can't more games be like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?" Now what twininfinite does is worse than your basic clickbait. It baits click after click after click. You know it but hell no, you are not going to own up to it. "High standards" lol

And I have no power to "not allow" an author to write whatever the hell they want. Now you are just making shit up. So how are you "calling me out" for something I am literally unable to do? Dude....go make some more clicbait lists or something.

thehitman139861d ago

You havent played spider man outside of a demo and IF that.. I'd be willing to put money down you dont even own a ps4, #justsaying

Gh05t61d ago


"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

BigTrain61d ago

Thats what Im saying. I saw the game at E3 and could see that it was the same as the other Spiderman games just prettier and polished. It's not a bad game but its not a game changer. Mentioning that only steps on the shoes of a bunch of fanboys with sensitive feet. A games weaknesses can be mentioned without intentions of running the game into ground people.

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Count_Bakula61d ago

So many shitty sites and "writers" have been coming out of the woodwork to shit on this game in order to get hits. Really pathetic.

Kribwalker61d ago

or maybe they are reflecting on what the played, and see some issues with need to go full defence mode

CarlDechance61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

"have been coming out of the woodwork"

It is a PlayStation exclusive. I'm seeing a lot of folks who have traditionally not had great things to say about Sony, PlayStation, or its games "come of the woodwork". It is nothing new. The fact that this game turned out so great is giving them indigestion. lol

IRetrouk61d ago

Ah let them throw their salt mate, the games amazing, breaking sales records and fans are loving it, i wouldnt worry about it.

porkChop61d ago

It doesn't really matter if the game does what other games do. What matters is whether the game is fun, and whether it's a satisfying experience.

madforaday61d ago

That is what I feel a lot of people don't get. I have no idea how many people say, "this game sucks, there is no innovation."

I am like okay, if that is solely what you are looking for in a game, what games have you been playing?

None of them answer the question and usually insult my intelligence or something similar. The whole point of this hobby is to play fun games. We don't need to talk about how a game is acting like all the other games but doing it in a better way.

DivineAssault 61d ago

Its also a fantastic video game. About 40% complete and loving it

Hardiman61d ago

So many times in the story I've been giddy, shocked or saddened! This is such a FUN and ENJOYABLE game!

CarlDechance61d ago

Oh come on! There is no innovation. At least in BoTW, Link has the ability to scale mountains and walls. That was so clever! Where in the world did they get that idea?

Rimeskeem61d ago

I love these articles just trying to shit on the game. Like seriously, can I just enjoy a good Spider-man game without every network trying to say how it's bad because of _____.

Natversion161d ago

Yeah if you're a big boy you can just enjoy it without crying when someone else has an opinion you don't agree with. I've now completed the game and stand by it being the best Spiderman game but other people are allowed to have complaints about it.

Doggy12361d ago

[email protected] all the disagrees saying other people are not allowed to complain about it - who the bloody hell do they think they are god help them if they ever become a boss at work

tontontam061d ago

Yeah if you're a big boy you can just enjoy it without mocking someone who has an opinion you don't agree with.

CarlDechance61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

"all the disagrees saying other people are not allowed to complain about it "

No one said people shouldn't be allowed to do anything.

"god help them if they ever become a boss at work"

Uh....good bosses don't have to make up shit that people didn't say to make a point.

Rimeskeem61d ago

If you are a big boy you wouldn't complain about me complaining.

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