Every Souls-like game ranked from worst to best

What happens when you make a game that becomes a genre? Do other developers surpass that original creation and beat you at your own game? Well, sometimes. Here is every Souls and Souls-Like game, ranked from worst to best.

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meganick38d ago

Dark Souls 1 is the best of the bunch, but Demon’s is a close second.

Movefasta199338d ago

I have dark souls 1 second but close because of last izalith, it was a terrible section of the game. Demon's souls had no faults. And the maiden astrea boss fight was the best boss fight in the genre imo I still get goosebumps, the ost and the way it plays out from the moment you step in and your confronted with Garl Vinland is just so beautiful. And arch stone three's atmosphere omg. Na it's the goat for me.

Sam Fisher37d ago

And dont forget to mention king alantas with with de-leveling you like 4 or 5 times if yoy not careful, then to die after and have to go back a lvl to lvl up again to fight him again, rinse and repeat omg best boss fight imo. I beat demon souls all by myself.... god the hardship i went thru

Movefasta199337d ago

LOOL YO King Allant de levelled me so many times , not only was he difficult the first time but the trek to get to him; past the phantoms,past the annoying dragon, and then to get de levelled bru...

pwnmaster300038d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Bloodborne all the way. Couldn’t even finish dark soul souls 2 and beat dark souls 3 which was alright. Didn’t play dark souls 1 or demon souls, so I can’t judge them

Blood borne to me just had the better environment and gameplay. Also being a hunter was bad ass

Movefasta199337d ago

Demon's souls had way better environments, all 5 unique and full of atmosphere.

FTLmaster37d ago

Surprised Salt and Sanctuary isn't on the list.

SatanicEyeJesus37d ago

Bloodborne > Demon's > Dark 1 > Nioh > Dark 3

37d ago
Movefasta199337d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Demon's Souls> any game from any genre

Movefasta199337d ago

but chaos theory is up there too tho xd

ninerguy160837d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I loved the music in demon souls when it’s starts. That game just felt so dark. I played the other souls games. All are good. But demon souls just sticks out for me. I havnt looked before I wrote this but If there was a demon souls soundtrack I’d buy it. Lol. If there is my fault for not checking. Ok just came back to edit. I see demon souls soundtrack on YouTube. I’m set lol

Dragonscale37d ago

Bloodborne for me then DS1.

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The story is too old to be commented.