Battlefield 4 Premium & BF1 Premium Free for All for a Limited Time, Download Links Here

BF1 Premium free for everyone, and BF4 Premium free for everyone now too! Download them in the links provided.

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annoyedgamer133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Funny the BF4 premium still shows up as $50


Yeah. That is weird. I only knew about BF1 Premoum. Not BF4.

BadElf133d ago

I wish the Bf community all played bf4 again...I want to see more players on that game than their new SJW simmulator

annoyedgamer133d ago

There is a another game called World War 3 that looks promising. It definitely draws from BF4 and is not connected to EA.

AnubisG133d ago

I'd love to see that on PS4 but it's PC only so....

BadElf132d ago

I really wish I could support it! One X, or I wont be able to play it sadly

EazyC132d ago

Issue with BF 4 now is that people who are left playing it are god-tier.

BadElf132d ago

That is true. I played Bad Company 2 recently and I got Molly Whopped ....also a lot of glitch action going on I think

Davidgr2133d ago

We can finally play the full game!

AnubisG133d ago

Yes, two years down the road and the full game is finally released. That is the sad state of gaming today.

JEECE133d ago

Battlefield 1942 had paid expansions, and it came out over 15 years ago. I hate DLC as much as the next person, but let's not pretend that this just started.

AnubisG133d ago


Who said that DLC just started? All I'm saying is most DLC is held back content and also, overpriced. Today, we get 60-70% of the game and than within the next two years, they slowly give us the full game for 2x-3x as much if you keep up with every DLC when it's released.

Myst-Vearn133d ago

it shows up as full price for me

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